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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Off-grid solar lighting systems don’t have wires and can run at remote locations, making it a great alternative to grid-connected street lights.
Our fixtures are easy to install and come in one total package. Our solar lighting systems don’t require trenching or running a conduit, saving tremendous up-front costs. On average, the traditional grid-connected lighting system costs mothe than $70/sqf. Solar lighting offers significant savings and does no damage to existing infrastructure or green space.

While streetlights have traditionally used high-intensity discharge (HID) lights, there is a now a strong push toward the use of LEDs. LED efficiency makes off-grid lighting a cost effective alternative, and when used with our off-grid solar lighting technology, it provides greater functionality and lighting profile options not previously possible. LED benefits include:

  • Significantly reduced energy consumption
  • Minimal lumen depreciation
  • Longer lifetimes and better durability
  • Better directionality
  • Easy lighting control
  • Better quality of light

One of the greatest benefits of LEDs is their lifetime, which can be 5-10 times the average life of an HID bulb. This results in much lower maintenance costs for light owners and operators.

Your SOLTECH LED lighting fixtures are protected under our warranty. If there are any defects in either the materials or workmanship, your products will be replaced at no charge or you will be issued a credit.