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Our solar lights are a viable replacement to traditional lights which solve the major obstacle of grid connection required for traditional outdoor lights. Connecting to the electrical grid is expensive, environmentally-invasive, labor-intensive, and requires certified electricians, city permits, paperwork. Once installed, traditional outdoor lights, even if they are LEDs, accelerate the climate crisis by drawing roughly half of their energy from fossil-fuel burning power plants. Grid-connected outdoor lighting also has fewer sources of power. In the event of a power outage, fossil-fuel burning plants provide back up, yet provide fewer options for back up than our solution.

Our high-spec solar outdoor lights offer redundancy; each light has its own power source and power storage, making them great for peace of mind during emergencies. Our aerodynamic Sunlike solar light can withstand heavy storm winds while offering high brightness, efficiency, durability, and ease of maintenance. Going off-grid both accelerates the time frame of return on investment and significantly boosts sustainability. The monetary and environmental cost of paying for electricity over ten years, combined with the high cost and environmental impact of digging electrical trenching, especially through remote areas, makes off-grid solar lighting the smart choice. However, up until now, technology was not advanced enough to support a viable, dependable, and powerful replacement to traditional grid-connected street lighting. With over 20 years of lighting innovation, we have recently combined the height of illumination performance (200Lm/W LEDs) with the height of solar (21%+ Transfer Rate) and battery performance (2,000+ Cycle LiFePO4) in a streamlined design which is a realistic, affordable, and bright replacement for city street lights. Installation requires no certified electricians, minimal permits, easy digging-free installation, zero electricity bills, and zero waiting time for the power sources of the grid to implement renewables. Because of many of these features, our solution saves thousands of dollars per light pole compared to traditional lighting.

“Lumens” is a measure of the quantity of total visible light emitted by a source. This is the best way to see how powerful a light is, not wattage-which is a measure of how much power is released, regardless of brightness or efficiency.

Soltech Smart Solar lighting provides 200 Lumens for every 1 Watt of stored sunlight in the cutting-edge battery, up to double the efficiency (measured in Lm/W) of many solar lights. It is these performance breakthroughs that make our solar lighting a viable alternative to traditional lighting, especially under sub-optimal sunlight.

In general, thousands can be saved by going with our solar off-grid ranges. This is mainly due to the difference in the cost of installation and not having to pay for electricity. More on this in the “How To Save By Going Solar” article.

Our segmented battery system ensures our lights are as bright on the 7th night of an overcast week as on the first night of a summer week. Our industry-leading efficiency and battery tech guarantee this performance even if every day is as dark as night. Ambient light can still be harnessed by our panels on overcast days. This extends real-world performance beyond just 7 nights of light. Lights come with remote controls to save energy during different seasons.

While streetlights have traditionally used high-intensity discharge (HID) lights, there is a now a strong push toward the use of LEDs. LED efficiency makes off-grid lighting a cost effective alternative, and when used with our off-grid solar lighting technology, it provides greater functionality and lighting profile options not previously possible. LED benefits include:

  • Significantly reduced energy consumption
  • Minimal lumen depreciation
  • Longer lifetimes and better durability
  • Better directionality
  • Easy lighting control
  • Better quality of light

One of the greatest benefits of LEDs is their lifetime, which can be 5-10 times the average life of an HID bulb. This results in much lower maintenance costs for light owners and operators.

Our 75 Watt streetlight can replace a 150W Metal-Halide light with the same lumens while functioning completely off-grid. 175W of electrical load, given a certain lumen/wattage, will yield a certain electrical input demand. Given variances in electricity costs, and the fact that in the U.S. over half of the electricity is generated by fossil-fuel plants, the calculation of environmental impact varies. The local cost of electricity is needed as well as the total number of light poles, but we generally save 100% of on-grid operating costs of electricity, half of which is directly made by fossil fuels. A case-by-case calculation is needed for further information. Another measure of environmental impact is the destruction of natural habitats that digging electrical lines in rural areas might cause. The more rural, the higher potential for our off-grid lights to have a better impact.

Your SOLTECH LED lighting fixtures are protected under our warranty. If there are any defects in either the materials or workmanship, your products will be replaced at no charge or you will be issued a credit.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has a comprehensive list of lighting terms, some of the key terms are listed below as well as the link:

Ambient light: The general illumination that comes from all directions in an area.

Color temperature (CCT): The color temperature is a specification of the color appearance of a light source, relating the color to a reference source heated to a particular temperature, measured by the thermal unit Kelvin. The measurement can also be described as the “warmth” or “coolness” of a light source. Generally, sources below 3,200K are considered “warm;” while those above 4,000K are considered “cool” sources.

Efficacy: A measure of the energy efficiency of a light source in terms of Lumens (light output) per rated wattage of the source.

Footcandle (FC): The English unit of measurement of the illuminance (or light level) on a surface. One footcandle is equal to one lumen per square foot.

Luminaire: A complete lighting unit consisting of a lamp or lamps, along with the parts designed to distribute the light, hold the lamps, and connect the lamps to a power source.

Photometric report: A photometric report is a set of printed data describing the light distribution, efficiency, and zonal lumen output of a luminaire. This report is generated from laboratory testing.

Watt (W): The unit for measuring electrical power. It defines the rate of energy consumption by an electrical device when it is in operation. The energy cost of operating an electrical device is calculated as its wattage times the hours of use. In single phase circuits, it is related to volts and amps by the formula: Volts x Amps x PF = Watts. (Note: For alternating current circuits, PF must be included.

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(g) All product returns are subject to the above terms and conditions.  

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