Commercial Solar LED Parking Lot Lighting

Soltech all-in-one outdoor solar lights are an efficient way to drastically decrease electricity bills, and because they don’t require trenching and have low maintenance costs over time, they save you even more.

Recommended solar powered lights for parking lots

Our beautiful and easy-to-install Cegonia lights are perfect for already-paved parking lots and does not tear up the existing structures for installation. This elegant solar lighting solution provides a greater sense of safety and helps protect your business and pedestrians with 90% downward light. As self-contained units with their own fixtures and power systems, the lights can be installed quickly and effortlessly. They also use Philips LED chips to provide a wide range of lighting intensity depending on the environment. We have both single and double fixture solution to fit your needs. 

  • Industry-leading Philips 5050 LEDs shine off-grid at 200 Lm/W efficiency for up to 7 full nights
  • 90% Downward light distribution with 360-degree beam pattern perfect for large open spaces
  • Pivot lamp in 3,000-5,700 Kelvins for up to 122°F applications & optional self-heating battery
  • Automatic illumination in darkness. Remote control motion-sense, timer, & output adjustment
  • Rotating lamp & up to 64Wp of rotating solar panel fully charges light in under 6.5 hours
  • Mono-crystalline silicon panel charges Lithium Iron Phosphate battery for 2000+ cycles at 384Wh
  • Better panel size to battery ratio than the Sunlike optimizes charging on overcast days
  • Professional-grade solar panels with 20%+ transfer rate optimize charging speed

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