Commercial Solar LED Walkway Lighting

Walkways require reliable lighting to provide safety and security at night or early morning for pedestrians and bikers. SOLTECH takes into account the aesthetic of our all in one solar lighting systems to provide a simple, yet charming design. Our solar outdoor light meets the standard lighting requirements for public areas while avoiding the cost of installation of standard grid-powered lights. By consuming no electricity and using smart power technology, our solar walkway light battery lasts longer and delivers a better lighting output.

Recommended Solar Powered Lights for Walkways

SOLPORT, SOLPADSOLTAB, and SUNLIKE are our solar lighting systems dedicated to walkways. They are easy to install and require virtually no maintenance. This elegant solar lighting solution provides a greater sense of safety during low light conditions. As self-contained units with their own fixtures and power systems, the lights can be installed quickly and effortlessly. It is ideal to light up outdoor wall mount applications in outdoor walkways that demand long service life and low maintenance.

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  • Adjust solar panel angle to maximize sunlight
    & allow snow to slide off
  • The hinged LED module with solar panel is
    adjustable to aim light at a target
  • The solar panel blocks most glare for observer
    eye comfort
  • Easy anti-theft installation
  • Advanced new Li-ion battery lasts 500 charging-discharging cycles
  • 3 operating modes that are programmable via remote control or on fixture
  • Long life battery lasts 3 nights with a one-day charge
  • The easiest way to bring lighting to walls on any commercial building
  • Integrates the solar panel, battery, sensor, and light fixture into one small form factor
  • Solar panel bracket is 360° adjustable and the light module is 135° adjustable. The Adjustable solar panel angle enables maximizing sunlight collected and allows snow to slide off
  • Large battery capacity of 7200mAh enables long run times
  • Wall-mounting and post-mounting accessories available
  • The latest advanced Li-ion battery lasts 2000+ charging cycles
  • 3 operating modes that are programmable via remote control or controls on the fixture
  • IP65 rated protection from water, dirt, and dust
  • The easiest way to bring lighting to any outdoor application
  • Photo and motion sensors, wide angle 180° detection, high sensitivity
  • Wall-mounting and post-mounting accessories available
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  • Change the operating modes using the silicon rubber on/off button
  • The light can be used separately or connected to the solar panel with the water tight quick connector
  • Use outdoor as a flood light or wall pack
  • Use indoor as a desk light or emergency light
  • Use as a portable work light or camping light
  • Use as your power bank with solar recharging and a USB port
  • Tempered-glass laminated, reliable and durable for portable usage. Double-sided solar panel achieves a higher conversion efficiency.
  • Tools-free rotator enables solar panel angle adjustment or light direction adjustment, with just bare hands
  • Clear Indicator of Battery Capacity: 25% 50% 75% 100%. It quickly shows the battery capacity at any time. Enables better planning for your activities
  • Lenses for superior optical control, enhanced lighting efficiency and reduced glare
SUNLIKE 30W product picture
  • Integrated all-in-one design with the fixture on one side and the panel on the other
  • Industry-leading Philips 5050 LEDs shine off-grid at 200 Lm/W efficiency for up to 7 full nights
  • Pivoting lamp in 3,000-5,700 Kelvins. Offered in 1,600-6,000 Lumens-industry leading value 
  • Automatic illumination in darkness. Versatile mounts with R/c motion-sense, timer, & output adjustment
  • Professional-grade solar panels with 20%+ transfer rate optimize charging speed
  • Grade A LifePO4 Battery Pack for 2000+ cycles. Optional self-heating battery
  • Streamline integrated panel fully charges light in under 8 hours while looking stealthy
  • Up to 52 WP of solar panel for charge up to 384Wh of battery for optimal performance

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