SOLTECH SOLTAB solar flood light has been installed on a storage


Commercial Solar LED Garage Lighting Today, modern garages are heavily used for storage, recreation and workspace, so there is a real need for better garage lighting. The best lighting for garages has to be bright, efficient, easily accessible and safe. … Read More

SOLTECH SOLTAB 10W campion light on the soil ground


Commercial Solar LED Camping Lighting Camping lights and lanterns are essential sources of power for camping and backpacking tours. Changing batteries can be a pain when you are camping or trekking. This is why there is a wide range of … Read More

SOLPORT solar flood light has been installed on a white building


Commercial Solar LED Walkway Lighting Walkways require reliable lighting to provide safety and security at night or early morning for pedestrians and bikers. SOLTECH takes into account the aesthetic of our all in one solar lighting systems to provide a … Read More

application picture

Bus Stop & Shelter

Commercial Solar LED Bus Stop & Shelter Lighting SOLTECH solar bus stop & shelter lighting were designed to illuminate special use areas and offer a greater sense of safety after dusk. Our sizing and system check ensures you invest in … Read More

FOCUS solar sign light has been installed at front of an sign


Solar Lighting for Signs With solar lighting for signs, there is no need for an extra power source, which eliminates the need for trenching, wiring, and electricity costs. This makes special solar lighting for signs ideal for signage, billboards, landscaping, … Read More