Cravings Restaurant Sign Lighting

Cravings Restaurant Sign Lighting

About the Project

Solar Sign Lights

Cravings restaurant is a great little café in New Braunfels, Texas, highly rated for its homemade sandwiches and seasonal soup. Cravings wanted to light up its signboard so that people could easily find the restaurant at night. The sign light helps customers easily recognize the Cravings brand and highlights the daily soup special underneath the sign.

The BROADWAY Fixture

Considering the sign’s dimension and lumen level requirement, SOLTECH recommended the BROADWAY for Cravings’ sign lighting project. Cravings installed four BROADWAY fixtures; a BROADWAY 10W and a BROADWAY 20W on each side of the sign. 


The BROADWAY sign lighting system fits any size billboard or sign and does not require standard utility power; it runs solely off energy from the sun. The fixture integrates the solar panel, battery, and led module into an all-in-one design that offers a quick and easy installation. 


To view more BROADWAY features and performance specs, please visit the SOLTECH BROADWAY product page.


The Takeaway

After the initial installation, our client reported that only one side of the sign would turn on while the other side had trouble turning on throughout the night. First, we checked the Broadway’s placement on the sign and then checked the sign’s orientation. We noticed that the lights that were having trouble staying on were facing the sign’s northern side. Solar panels receive an optimum charge when facing the South, so the fixtures were limited to solar intake during the day, causing them to charge a bit slower and not last throughout the night. It also didn’t help that the winter season brought many overcast and rainy days, keeping the fixture from receiving more charge. 

All fixtures have resumed charge and are continuing to shine light onto the Cravings’ sign. Weather and orientation are essential for all solar products, so if you are in an area with many snowy and cloudy days during the winter, like Texas, please be prepared for the delay in charge. 


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