Horton Street Warehouse Pathway

Horton Street Pathway Security Lighting

About the Project

At the heart of Emeryville’s bustling downtown lies the 2.37-acre Horton Street warehouse. A block away from world-renowned Pixar Animation Studios and Emeryville’s City Hall rests this 100,947 SF building that provides occupational space to an array of multi-tenant manufacturers. At the hub of all commercial activity, with an extensive perimeter, the Horton Street warehouse required the addition of spec-grade, sustainable commercial lights to provide reliable perimeter lighting for business owners after-hours.

The Customer’s Situation

As of late, public safety in the area has become a prevalent concern due to increased foot traffic during the late hours of the night. With business professionals working and living in the area, the property owner was forced to act fast to address and relieve tenants of their worries.

Looking at SOLTECH’s products to assist, SOLTECH delivered an eco-friendly, off-grid solar lighting solution. SOLTECH paired the customer with cost-effective luminaires capable of high-quality illumination while alleviating labor costs, maintenance, and installation expenses.

Addressing the security and illumination requirements of the location, SOLTECH’s skilled lighting designers created a comprehensive photometric report to illustrate system performance unique to the installation site. SOLTECH identified appropriate luminaire separation and fixture mounting heights, along with essential PV tilt angles to support an optimal lighting distribution for the customer.

In response to the project’s nature and positioning constraints, SOLTECH’s CEGONIA 30W was the clear winner and best suited for the task.

CEGONIA is elegant solar LED lighting solution for parks, schools, and security lighting projects. It’s both easy to install and attractive. Also, the solar panel of CEGONIA can rotate 270-degree to maximize the sunlight in-take. In other words, CEGONIA solar LED light is one of the most efficient solar charging LED lights on the market now. 

  • Efficiency: 200lm/W
  • Lumens: 1,600lm, 4,000lm, 6,000lm
  • Wattage: 8W, 20W, 30W
  • Panels: 20Wp, 48Wp, 64Wp
  • BatteryLocation: Underneath the solar panel

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