Huntington Billboard Lighting Project

Huntington Billboard Lighting

About the Project

Solar Billboard Lights

SOLTECH recently installed the COSMO fixtures as billboard lighting for Huntington Billboard Co. in Kentucky. With three fixtures on each side, our COSMO lights up the billboard with high brightness levels and provides shadowless illumination for our client.


From Photometric Study to Real World Project

SOLTECH dedicates itself to providing accurate lighting analysis before installing any fixture to ensure that project results are successful. In this project, the 30-degree billboard provides advertising for 2-way traffic. To ensure the illuminance level on each side, we ran a photometric and found that the COSMO was the perfect fit for this application. 


Compared to other VITA line products, the COSMO is a two-piece solar floodlight with an 11.5ft cable that connects the solar panel to the LED module. This design allows for a flexible installation; you can install the solar panel in any direction without affecting the light module’s light distribution. Overall, both the upper and lower billboards receive uniformed light coverage. You can find a more detailed introduction of the COSMO below.

The COSMO Fixture

The COSMO comes in two wattages:

  • 20W 
  • 50W 

The light can be used separately from the solar panel for both indoor and outdoor uses. The adjustable solar panel maximizes solar collection & self cleans, so any residue or snow slides right off. It also includes an Intelligent Adaptive Program (IAP) battery control system, which guarantees extended autonomy and light on cloudy or rainy days.



SOLTECH, through its in-house engineering, research, and development, has successfully been deploying both sustainable solar lighting and on-grid lighting to our clients across the industry. We promise to stay at the forefront of the solar LED lighting industry and provide care to all types of applications.  Our clients’ needs always come first, and we hope to deliver helpful service and reliable lighting. 

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