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About the project


Jackson Center started May 4, 1835 with 24 lots. Businesses in the area included dry goods stores, a shoe shop, a blacksmith shop, an undertaking and wagon shop, and more. Today, Jackson Center still plays an important role in the community. The Village of Jackson Center is the fourth-largest municipality in Shelby County, Ohio. Jackson Center is continuing to see residential and commercial growth, while maintaining a strong industrial base and yet continues to preserve the small-town feeling.

While most rural communities may have an aversion towards solar energy, Jackson Center is no stranger to solar energy. This is evident with their impressive solar field that was built which supplied the area with over 358,000 kWh of energy in June 2020 alone. The average household in America in 2018 used over 900 kWh per month. This solar field alone is capable of supplying power to over 400 households with this statistic in mind. As a result, when it came time to figure an outdoor lighting solution for a parking lot, it was a natural decision to go with a solar solution.  

Design & Planning

SOLTECH provided 6 SATELIS 50W for a parking lot in the village of Jackson Center, Ohio as a part of a new city park development.

The SATELIS Series  is designed to withstand the most extreme weather and harsh environments. The SATELIS is our most powerful solar fixture. 

· Featuring a 50-watt and 75-watt option

· 200 lumens per watt 

· the SATELIS comes with up to 2 solar panels and 

· An output of up to 15,000 lumens.

· Perfect for most commercial applications.

The SATELIS also came installed with an IAP sensor for this project. The IAP integrates an adaptive smart control feature to actively track battery capacity and adjust light output accordingly. This allows for continuous, consistent, and high-quality lighting from the fixture. 

Our Vision

It’s impressive to see rural communities become more accepting of solar energy and recognize the intrinsic benefits that come with it. Not only is it more environmentally sustainable to choose solar, but it also saves money in the long term due to energy costs. SOLTECH is excited to help any community, big or small, enjoy the benefits that come from using the solar fixtures. 


Project Video

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