Monticello Middle School

Monticello Middle School Parking Lot Lighting

About The Project

Best known for its natural landscapes, mountain ranges, woodlands, and coastlines, the Pacific Northwest is a region with a unique climate and topography. Notably, a challenging environment for reliable solar lighting, SOLTECH solar lighting products have proved successful in the space and have been utilized in various lighting projects throughout the territory. Community leaders and individuals continuously seek out the SOLTECH brand as it is a cost-effective solution emphasizing sustainability while implementing green technologies that preserve the integrity of surrounding environments.

Solar lighting in the Pacific Northwest often raises performance and reliability concerns; however, returning customers such as Monticello Middle School would argue otherwise. Monticello, a public school located in Longview, Washington continues to trust SOLTECH’s Smart Solar Lighting solutions even during the harshest winter months. As a forward-thinking establishment guiding the future’s youth, Monticello leadership took the initiative to expand its green footprint by reconnecting with SOLTECH to support its expanded lighting needs.

How Did SOLTECH Help

Understanding the challenges posed by the heavy overcast, cold, and rain specific to the location, SOLTECH worked closely with CPS and CES partners to connect our valued customers with the best options. Having an excellent experience with SOLTECH, Monticello opted for SUNLIKE 50W. SUNLIKE 50W is a sleek and robust all-in-one solution that delivers up to 9,000 lumens with a promising battery capacity that supports ongoing quality performance.

In addition to providing visual guides, photometric analysis, and detailed manuals outlining the installation process, the SOLTECH team worked with Monticello to ensure the success of the new project. Similar to their past installation which resulted in a bullhorn-mounted SUNLIKE 50W for parking lot lighting, SOLTECH issued the appropriate mounting accessories for a seamless installation.

To support Monticello’s lighting plans further, SOLTECH connected the middle school with SATELIS PRO 50W to provide additional illumination coverage at entrances and parking zones. SATELIS PRO 50W was selected due to its heavy-duty build and powerful performance. With a 200 lm/W efficiency and a 10,000 lumen output, SATELIS PRO can endure sub-zero environments and can maximize available energy harvest. The benefits of SATELIS PRO include an adjustable solar panel, along with the convenience of easy access for future battery replacement. SOLTECH products support an extensive lifespan of over 2,000+ cycles, which will continue to serve Monticello and customers alike.  

Please contact the SOLTECH sales team for more information.

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