San Francisco International Airport Shuttle Stop

San Francisco International Airport Shuttle Stop

About the Project


The Burlingame Airport parking lot near the San Francisco Airport requested a solar lighting solution for one of their shuttle bus stops. This parking lot offers affordable parking and free shuttle rides to and from the San Francisco Airport. The shuttle stop required a solar light with an efficient battery and integrated motion sensor to power each time a person or vehicle approached the shuttle stop. 

Design & Planning

After weighing out different solar options for this application, we noticed that the best fit was the SOLPAD 10W, multifunctional solar flood light with:

  • A large battery capacity of 7200mAh, the output of 1,080 lumens 
  •  All-in-one, completely off-grid solar integrated Floodlight
  •  Photo and motion sensors, wide-angle 180° detection
  •  Wall-mounting and post-mounting accessories

This portable solar light offers easy installation for any outdoor application


The four SOLPAD fixtures are installed on a small canopy that overlooks the shuttle stop. The lights sit across the canopy’s horizontal beam with the LED arrays angled toward the bus bench. After their installation, the customer programmed each fixture on the 3rd operating mode so that the lights will turn on for 30 seconds each time motion is detected. 


The shuttle is now fully lit, and all four of the SOLPADS are up and running! SOLTECH aims to always provide its customers with the right tools and assistance for a successful and quick installation.

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