Solar Street Lighting in CANADA—SATELIS PRO 50W Cobra Electric

About the Project

SATELIS PRO 50W makes solar lighting possible in cold climates facing limited hours of sunlight. When SOLTECH customer Cobra Electric requested assistance for a street lighting project in Canada, the challenge called for an off-grid lighting fixture that could withstand the difficult weather conditions of the region while ensuring reliable illumination to ensure visibility and safety.

How Did SOLTECH Help?

Focused on supporting a successful lighting project with easy installation, the experienced SOLTECH team recommended SATELIS PRO 50W. Recognizing the unique challenges presented by the Canadian climate, the team collaborated closely with Cobra Electric, to understand their needs and concerns. SATELIS PRO was selected as the ideal solution for its robust design, capable of enduring harsh weather conditions while providing consistent and reliable lighting.

SATELIS PRO 50W is designed specifically for areas with limited sunlight and extreme weather, ensuring optimal performance. Its advanced smart battery technology is a key feature, enabling efficient energy storage and usage. It is the best solar lighting unit for customers living in locations with long and cold winters. Solar lights need the sun for power, SATELIS PRO maximizes solar energy harvest with limited daylight hours typical in Canadian winters.

By choosing SATELIS PRO 50W, SOLTECH assured Cobra Electric of a product that not only met but exceeded their requirements. SOLTECH’s SATELIS PRO 50W is a solar lighting solution with a proven track record in similar demanding conditions. This solution provided the perfect blend of innovative technology and robust design, ensuring uninterrupted and efficient lighting.

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