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VA Medical Center Parking Lot

About the project


The Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Sacramento, CA is a valued institution that works hard to serve Sacramento’s veterans. They provide essential medical services to the brave men and women who sacrifice so much for this country. This Veteran Affairs Medical Center is a 60-bed, state-of-the-art, inpatient facility offering a full range of comprehensive health care services, including medical, surgical, primary and mental health care, making this facility essential for the local community.

In early 2019, due to increasing energy costs and outdated lights, the Veteran Affairs Medical Center reached out to Soltech and inquired about Soltech’s LED and solar lights. The VA Medical Center needed help with a lighting solution for their new parking lot extension. Soltech accepted the project and immediately began working with the VA.

Using advanced software, Soltech drafted a solar parking lot lighting design for the new parking lot extension. Due to the nature of this project, Soltech recommended its all-in-one Sunlike 30W fixture, for the project.

Soltech installed 11 Sunlike 30W fixtures, with slip-fitters, at the project site. To optimize the solar exposure, Soltech adjusted the solar panel angle to 37 degrees. To learn more about what solar panel angle is best for your area, please see our blog post – Solar Panel Optimization.


Soltech solar lights are very efficient. The Sunlike 30W emits over 6000 lumens, does not require an electrician for installation, and avoids trenching, cabling, and electricity costs. Soltech solar lights can run for 7 days, with only one day of sun, and can even charge during cloudy days.

Soltech completed the installation of the lights within just one week! These low maintenance solar lights enable the Medical Center to focus on serving the country’s bravest and to stop worrying about their outdoor lighting.


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