Commercial Solar LED Street Lighting

Dark streets increase the risks for pedestrians and vehicles traveling at night. Soltech solar street light provides reliable lighting while meeting the governmental lighting requirements for public areas. By consuming no electricity and using smart power technology, our commercial solar street lights avoid the installation cost of standard grid-powered lights, lasts longer and delivers a better lighting result. In fact, one full charge gives the battery up to one-week autonomy.

Recommended solar powered lights for street and highway

Satelis lighting systems provide high-intensity light at night while consuming no electricity. Our municipal-grade solar lighting systems use LEDs as the lighting source, which provide better brightness, higher quality, and more reliable lighting. Similar to our other solar lights, Satelis is an all in one system that comes ready for installation. We include panel, fixture, battery, and universal mounting accessories. Installation is now a snap.
  • 200 Lm/W efficiency with up to 7 full nights of autonomy-virtually unmatched in the industry
  • Philips 5050 LEDs & Grade A LifePO4 Battery for 2000+ full charging cycles & up to 2,304Wh
  • Up to 260W of solar panels fully charges in under 8 hours while LEDs shine at up to 15,000Lm
  • Professional-grade hardware covered up to 10 years under warranty, perfect for municipalities
  • Automatic illumination in darkness. Remote control motion-sense, timer, & output adjustment
  • Anti-U.V. PC lens offers 93% light transmittance & won’t yellow or crack with age
  • Adjustable mounting hardware and all-in-one design allow for versatile applications
  • The strongest panel surface area/battery in the lineup with a competitive level 12 wind test.


Easy Installation

Cost Saving

Dusk To Dawn

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