Bus Stop & Shelter

COSMO solar light has been installed in a letter shelter that locate in candelas community

Colorado Candelas Community Lighting

Candelas Community Solar Lighting Previous Next About the Project Candelas Community Lighting Candelas is a large local master-planned community located in Arvada, Colorado. This area is around 1,500-acres and contains 12 different neighborhoods segmented into 6 different residential villages. All … Read More

SOLPAD solar Flood Light has been indtalled at San Francisco International Airport Bus stop.

San Francisco International Airport Shuttle Stop

San Francisco International Airport Shuttle Stop Previous Next About the Project Background The Burlingame Airport parking lot near the San Francisco Airport requested a solar lighting solution for one of their shuttle bus stops. This parking lot offers affordable parking … Read More

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Bus Stop & Shelter

Commercial Solar LED Bus Stop & Shelter Lighting SOLTECH solar bus stop & shelter lighting were designed to illuminate special use areas and offer a greater sense of safety after dusk. Our sizing and system check ensures you invest in … Read More