Residential Lighting Project SOLPAD

Residential Lighting in Puerto Rico

About the Project

Solar Flood Lights

SOLTECH not only provides premium solutions for commercial applications but also offers plenty of options for residential use as well! Solar products are ideal for residential applications since they are easier to install, generate no electric bills, and are highly sustainable.

For these reasons, people in Puerto Rico have a significant interest in solar products. The weather in Puerto Rico is not only perfect for tourists but also solar lights. The average year-round temperature in Puerto Rico is above 80 degrees F with 11 hours of daily daylight. 

For this project, the client wanted to mount solar lights to their houses for night security. Considering the installation environment, we suggested the SOLPAD fixture to light up the area and provide safety. Our all-in-one SOLPAD can be mounted directly onto any wall surface, providing a clean, neat, and easy install.


The SOLPAD Fixture

Our VITA line SOLPAD product is ideal for any outdoor application such as residential garages, parking lots, schools, hotels, and outdoor walkways that require a long service life and low maintenance. It offers three advanced sensor mode options that save energy and adapt to all installations and weather types.

The solar panel bracket on the SOLPAD is 360° adjustable, and the light module is 135° adjustable. The adjustable solar panel can be angled for maximum sunlight intake and allows for any dirt build-up to wash right off in the rain. 

Once the client completed the installation, they sent us pictures and were surprised by their brilliant performance. 

What choose SOLTECH

SOLTECH not only focuses on large commercial projects but also takes small businesses and residences into consideration. We never limit our business and are confident in our well-designed fixtures for any application. SOLTECH devotes itself to providing reliable solutions and expanding in the new market. 

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