Hawaii Camping Site Light

Hawaii Island Camping Light

About the Project

Customer’s Creativity

A customer in Hawaii integrated our SOLPAD onto a tripod and a garden archway. The customer traveled to a beautiful campsite and installed the SOLPAD on a 6ft tripod. They placed the tripod on a table, and it made for perfect evening lighting as they cooked, picnicked, and played board games. The customer also installed the SOLPAD on an archway overseeing a pathway in their garden. 



The SOLPAD is a compact solar floodlight with a versatile design ideal for any outdoor application. Its portability and easy installation make it ideal for homes, garage lighting, driveways, walkway lighting, camping lighting, or any other outdoor application. This solar fixture requires no maintenance and, with the right surface, can shine light onto anything. 

Other features of the SOLPAD include:

  • An adjustable solar panel bracket and a module for optimum solar intake and self-cleaning ability. 
  • A large battery capacity of 7200mAh
  • Convenient mounting accessories for wall or post installations.
  • Motion sensors with 180° wide-angle detection
  • Three different operating modes to conserve energy and extend autonomy
Hearing Back From Customer

“Recently my wife and I did an overnighter at one of the beautiful campsites on the big island. I mounted one of your lights to my camera tripod which extends to 6 feet in height, placed the light on our picnic table and lit up the whole area for cooking and playing board games that evening it worked out great.” 

What Did We Learn?

Soltech is confident that each of its solar products can adapt to any challenging application and meet any need. These installations were great examples of the SOLPAD’s multifaceted design and ability to fasten onto any surface. Our customer was pleased with the fixture and stated that any hunter, fisherman, or camper would benefit from this light source. SOLTECH hopes to inspire customers through projects and installations and looks forward to receiving more creatively positive feedback from future applications. 

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