Flashing Beacon Lighting

Flashing BEACON Lights The flashing beacon lights play important roles in signal lighting. They provide advance warning to drivers on the road and pedestrian. In SOLTECH, we provide both amber and red color warning lights for multi-purpose use. Recommended solar … Read More

SOLTECH BOARDWAY solar sign light light up a sign during the night

Cravings Restaurant Sign Lighting

Cravings Restaurant Sign Lighting About the Project Solar Sign Lights Cravings restaurant is a great little café in New Braunfels, Texas, highly rated for its homemade sandwiches and seasonal soup. Cravings wanted to light up its signboard so that people could … Read More

Reno sign lighting picture

Reno Sign Lighting

Reno Sign Lighting Previous Next About the Project Sign Lighting: Get Inspired by SOLTECH Ads on traffic signs can be expensive due to their eye-appealing pictures and attractive slogan fonts. People think of all the cost-effective components of a good … Read More

Amazon Warehouse

Amazon Warehouse Previous Next About the project Lighting Design VS Building Design Integrating traditional lighting into architectural design has always been difficult. Ensuring that the trenching and cabling needed for traditional on-grid LEDs does not interfere with the original design … Read More

FOCUS solar sign light has been installed at front of an sign


Solar Lighting for Signs With solar lighting for signs, there is no need for an extra power source, which eliminates the need for trenching, wiring, and electricity costs. This makes special solar lighting for signs ideal for signage, billboards, landscaping, … Read More