Cegonia Wallpack

Soltech Cegonia Wall Pack

You are probably used to seeing our Cegonia fixture installed on a pole, but this fixture can also be installed with a trunnion wall mount. You can avoid pole costs and pole installations by mounting the fixture directly to a wall surface to serve as a type of wall pack. We created a Cegonia Height Chart to help guide you through different installation heights based on your type of application.

Make sure that the panel on your Cegonia is at a tilted angle when installing it to your wall surface. The Cegonia wallpack is an easy and quick installation. It can be mounted in any residential or commercial areas like the front door of your business or home (the picture on the top right is Soltech’s front door!).

For more information about the Cegonia wall mount, feel free to contact us. We want to make sure we always offer a variety of reliable solutions to our customers.

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