Cegonia Wallpack

Soltech Cegonia Wallpack

You are probably used to seeing our Soltech Cegonias attached on a pole somewhere on one of your streets. However, have you seen these lights mounted on walls? The Cegonia series has the option to do so. It takes away all the work of getting the right size pole, placing it down, and mounting the light. Instead, you can find the location/height you would like to place the light at (Please refer to the Cegonia Height Chart guide for the optimal heights), and then attach it with our Trunnion Wall Mount.

After that, check that your Cegonia’s panel is in it’s proper place and facing the correct way, and you have just installed your new Cegonia wallpack. Easy, right? With the Cegonia wallpack, you can mount in places like your home or your front door (The picture on the top right is Soltech’s front door!). It will provide proper lighting for any residential project you have in mind.

For more information about the Cegonia wallpack or if you have a project that could use the Cegonia wallpack, please feel free to contact us. We would love to talk to you about the different options we provide so you can have the best solution to your lighting project.

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