Baby turtles crawl towards the ocean over a beach.

Turtle-Friendly Lighting 101: A Guide to Protecting Our Endangered Friends

Every year, countless baby turtles make their journey from nest to sea. Guided by the natural moonlight reflecting off the ocean, turtle hatchlings have a clear direction of where to go. However, conventional lighting can disorient these young turtles, leading … Read More

The blog tile for "The Advantages of Solar Lighting for Parking Lots." It shows a parking lot lit by solar area lights.

The Advantages of Solar Lighting for Parking Lots

More businesses and municipalities are looking towards sustainable solutions for their infrastructure needs. Among these, solar parking lot lighting is the new practice combining cost-effectiveness with ecological responsibility. Here’s why making the transition to solar lighting for parking lots is … Read More

A composite image showing two portable solar lights at construction sites.

Advantages of Portable Solar Lighting in Construction

In construction, efficiency and adaptability are critical. As contractors seek creative ways to illuminate their worksites, portable solar lighting solutions have emerged as the ideal tool. These convenient lighting systems offer a list of benefits, from the vast expanse of … Read More

A composite image showing examples of solar billboard lights.

What are the Best Lights for Billboards and Signage? The Advantages of Outdoor Solar LED Lighting

In the advertising world, visibility is everything – and what better way to shine a spotlight on your message than with solar lighting for signs? This sustainable technology is illuminating billboards and ground signage across the globe, offering benefits for … Read More

A blog tile image showing the solar lighting project in Emeryville as well as the blog post title.

Teranomic-Urban Remedy’s Emeryville, CA – Pedestrian Bridge Walkway

About the Project Teranomic began working with the City of Emeryville, CA, to beautify and clean up a local pedestrian bridge. The location resides over the AMTRACK railroad track, and the project required off-grid lighting due to underground electrical being … Read More

A blog featured image for the post, "Harnessing the Future Intelligent Solar Lighting Solutions for Every Outdoor Space."

Harnessing the Future Intelligent Solar Lighting Solutions for Every Outdoor Space

The installation and maintenance of traditional outdoor lighting systems often incur high costs due to the need for extensive underground electrical work. A typical 100-foot trench has an average dig cost of $2000, placing the cost per linear foot between … Read More

About the Project: Concord Mobile Home Park

The Concord Mobile Home Park in Concord, CA, has recently undergone a significant transformation, marking a new chapter in its commitment to sustainability and modern living. The project demanded a comprehensive overhaul of the park’s lighting system, replacing outdated grid-connected … Read More

The Critical Role of Quality and Reputable Suppliers in Solar Lighting

The importance of partnering with quality and reputable manufacturers cannot be overstated. As a trusted name in the industry, SOLTECH understands the matter extremely well and has established itself as a leader in the art of working solar smart, providing … Read More

Solar Lighting Possibilities: Exploring Commercial Solar Lights for Your Next Outdoor Lighting Project

Solar lights can create a world where functionality and sustainability meet innovation. If you’re planning your next outdoor lighting project, there are a number of ways to make use of eco-friendly commercial solar lights. 1) Garden and Pathway Lighting Transform … Read More

The Advantages of a Solar Light Distributor for Your Projects

A solar LED lighting project can be a daunting endeavor, whether you’re illuminating a parking lot or lighting up an entire community. The key to streamlining your project from conception to completion lies in partnering with a solar light distributor. … Read More