Impact of COVID-19 on the Solar LED lighting

Impact of COVID-19 on the Solar LED Lighting Industry

The outbreak of COVID-19 has severely impacted businesses worldwide. Today, more than 100 countries in the world are severely affected by the disease. With global governments imposing travel bans to limit human movement and suspending import or export of goods, … Read More

Solar LED Lighting

A Few Misconceptions Solar LED Lighting We Need to Steer Clear

The use of renewable energy sources is a much touted topic nowadays, and rightly so. We must be thankful for this abundant energy source and use it optimally. Thankfully solar plants are now being set up at various places across … Read More

Philips Medical Center Choose SOLTECH Solar Lighting SUNLIKE 20W

SOLTECH Solar Lighting at Philips Medical Center Parking Lot

Solar outdoor lighting is still a new and fresh technology in today’s market. Many companies are developing new innovative technology to break into this new market. However, as a consumer, it is important to be weary during this time. Because … Read More

Streets & Highways

Why Solar LED Lights Are Becoming a Trend?

Traditional lights are slowly being replaced by solar powered LED lights in many applications. Street lighting is one of the most common applications of solar LED lighting. With rising concerns on the depletion of fossil fuels and an increase in … Read More

Sunlike 50W

The Sunlike 50W brings a familiar name with a brand new power. It has an integrated Solar panel as the whole rear side, which allows maximum sunlight input. With its LED panel allows you to ensure no matter where you … Read More

Solar Panel Optimization

Solar Panel Optimization

At SOLTECH we understand solar power in a battery pack won’t last forever, the off-grid solar system relies on stored daytime solar energy for autonomy. By angling your solar panels properly you can boost power intake. You’ll want to angle … Read More