Today’s Customer Demands an Eco-Friendly and Convenient Lighting Solution!

Who’s Asking? As society leans towards an environmentally conscious consensus, SOLTECH facilitates the transition by providing consumers with sustainable and autonomous exterior lighting options. Today’s distributors have shifted to hassle-free solutions as new customers rush in to find accessible off-grid … Read More

Landscape, Pathway, and Sidewalk Solar Lighting Solution

Why Do We Need Proper Pedestrian Lighting? Exterior lighting along trails, pathways, and bikeways needs established illumination because having appropriate lighting levels is crucial for ensuring the safety and security of the bikers and pedestrians who travel along those roads. … Read More

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Thinking about going Standard or PRO?

Outstanding Performance for Standard Line in Moderate Weather The SOLTECH standard off-grid solar light product line is an outstanding solution for any project with a limited budget. Being overall inexpensive compared to the SOLTECH PRO line, customers can minimize costs by avoiding trenching, wiring, … Read More

SUNLIKE standard and PRO compare chart

SUNLIKE vs. SUNLIKE PRO. What’s the Difference?

Ideal for areas such as pathways, parking lots, landscaping, parks, schools, trails, or any remote locations that have no access to on-grid power supply, the SUNLIKE and SUNLIKE PRO LED solar light both provide a great off-grid lighting solution due to their easy-installation and … Read More

The City of San Bernardino Roadway Lighting

SOLTECH SUNLIKE 30W | The City of San Bernardino Roadway Lighting

SOLTECH has been awarded another city project!  The city of San Bernardino has approved the SUNLIKE 30W fixture for roadway lighting throughout the city. Multiple streets in the city had outdated lighting fixtures. They wanted to replace the fixtures with a … Read More

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Become A SOLTECH Stock Distributor Now

What Are Solar Power LED Luminaires? Solar power LED luminaires are 100% off grid, which means there will be no trenching or wiring cost. The fixtures can automatically turn on at night, and in many cases the light output can … Read More

First UL 8801-Listed Solar Luminaires

SOLTECH Announces The First UL 8801-Listed ALL-IN-ONE Solar Luminaires

SOLTECH aims to lead the solar lighting industry and there is no doubt that SOLTECH has become the pioneer in providing certified solar lighting solutions. The First UL 8801-Listed Solar Luminaires In the morning of August 4th, 2021, SOLTECH successfully … Read More

Turtle-friendly bollard lighting guide

Turtle Friendly Bollard Lighting Guide

What is Turtle-friendly Lights & Why Use Them Sea turtle friendly lights or coastal wildlife lights is one of the main types of outdoor lighting applications specialized in recent years. According to the report, nearly 90% of sea turtles nesting … Read More

three problems to solve by using beacon light

Three Key Problems Flashing Beacon Traffic Light Solves

What is the Beacon Flashing Warning Light? Beacon flashing warning lights are used widely in the roadway, traffic applications. It functions as an add-on on the road to provide extra support to the traffic and brings safety to pedestrians. According to … Read More

Billboard Lighting Design Guide

Billboard Lighting Design Guide

Billboard lighting is widely used in the outdoor lighting scenario. Every time when walking along the street or driving on the road, people tend to see a massive number of billboards or signs along the road. As a result, billboard … Read More