Turtle-friendly bollard lighting guide

Turtle Friendly Bollard Lighting Guide

What is Turtle-friendly Lights & Why Use Them Sea turtle friendly lights or coastal wildlife lights is one of the main types of outdoor lighting applications specialized in recent years. According to the report, nearly 90% of sea turtles nesting … Read More

three problems to solve by using beacon light

Three Key Problems Flashing Beacon Traffic Light Solves

What is the Beacon Flashing Warning Light? Beacon flashing warning lights are used widely in the roadway, traffic applications. It functions as an add-on on the road to provide extra support to the traffic and brings safety to pedestrians. According to … Read More

Billboard Lighting Design Guide

Billboard Lighting Design Guide

Billboard lighting is widely used in the outdoor lighting scenario. Every time when walking along the street or driving on the road, people tend to see a massive number of billboards or signs along the road. As a result, billboard … Read More

Pedestrian & Bike Path Lighting Design Guide

Pedestrian/Walkway & Bike Path Lighting Design Guide

Pedestrian/Walkway & Bike Path Lighting is one of the most common applications in city landscaping or site plan design. In pedestrian and bikeway lighting applications, people should consider the traffic volume, presence of pedestrians, and ambient light levels. The lighting … Read More

Parking Lot Lighting Design Guide

Parking Lot Lighting Design Guide

Parking lot lighting is one of the most common outdoor lighting applications in commercial solar lighting. The light should provide good illuminance levels in terms of the size and needs of the parking lot. Parking Lot Lighting Design Guide The … Read More

ECM product of the year

TWINKO: Category Winner in 2021 EC&M Product of the Year!

  TWINKO: Category Winner of Construction Equipment Category Each year, EC&M‘s independent judges evaluate hundreds of electrical products submitted to their competition portal. After careful evaluation of products from electrical professionals in the engineering, contracting, and facility maintenance industries, the … Read More

Promotion Banner

The Game is On! Join the spring competition and win prizes!

    SOLTECH is pleased to announce a new sales promotion to help our sales rep introduce off-grid solar LED lighting to key distributors in their regions as well as give a kick start to your sales efforts for 2021.  … Read More

solar panel installation

Solar Tax Credits Extended to 2023 as Pandemic Relief

  Needless to say, there are tremendous benefits of using solar-based electrical appliances, such as reduced carbon footprint and preservation of energy. However, solar products can be expensive and usually keeps end-users or contractors from purchasing.  According to recent news … Read More

Construction site with mobile solar lighting tower

New Product Released! Mobile Solar Lighting Tower

    Dirt, dust, and noise…When thinking about a construction site, the top keywords coming to your mind cannot be better than that. In traditional construction applications, people tend to use diesel, gas, or electric generator-powered light tower for illumination. … Read More

Impact of COVID-19 on the Solar LED lighting

Impact of COVID-19 on the Solar LED Lighting Industry

The outbreak of COVID-19 has severely impacted businesses worldwide. Today, more than 100 countries in the world are severely affected by the disease. With global governments imposing travel bans to limit human movement and suspending import or export of goods, … Read More