Teranomic-Urban Remedy’s Emeryville, CA – Pedestrian Bridge Walkway

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About the Project

Teranomic began working with the City of Emeryville, CA, to beautify and clean up a local pedestrian bridge. The location resides over the AMTRACK railroad track, and the project required off-grid lighting due to underground electrical being too costly for the City to fund. To improve the safety of Teranomic’s workers and the general public, the existing lights needed to be replaced with new solar lights that could improve visibility.

How to Eliminate Underground Electrical Using Trench-Free Lighting

Supporting a trenchless installation, the project called for SUNLIKE 30W to be used over the pedestrian walkway. This allowed for pathway lighting that connects the upper-level pedestrian bridge to staircase entry points accessible to the ground-floor parking lot. SUNLIKE offered an easy retrofit thanks to its all-in-one design that houses all electrical within the fixture, this allows the installer to only worry about mounting the fixture to a new or existing pole.

Shade and Solar Light Nightly Performance Concerns

In surrounding areas, CEGONIA 30W was the commercial solar light best equipped to cover staircase access points. Presented with concerns about limited sunlight and the challenge of harvesting enough energy despite the shade created by existing infrastructure, CEGONIA’s flexible solar panel can be adjusted to optimal positioning. CEGONIA’s smart solar lighting technology also helps the self-powered light to maximize available sunlight while storing the energy collected in a high-quality LiFEPO4 battery.

Easy Single Cable Lighting Installation

COSMO 50W, a versatile solar area light, was utilized to light up dark zones and dimly lit areas that required attention. COSMO’s split panel design allowed the installation team to relocate the solar panel to an ideal solar harvest spot while leaving the lighting fixture at the desired location. This easy outdoor lighting setup was made possible through single cable connectivity.


To complete this project, SOLTECH worked closely with Teranomic to assess the project site and deliver reliable lighting solutions that could get the job done. Each product was carefully selected to address the lighting goals and keep the project financially friendly. Thanks to SOLTECH and Teranomic, the City of Emeryville, CA, now boasts a new carbon-neutral lighting system that will continue to shine on a nightly basis.
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