Baby turtles crawl towards the ocean over a beach.

Turtle-Friendly Lighting 101: A Guide to Protecting Our Endangered Friends

Every year, countless baby turtles make their journey from nest to sea. Guided by the natural moonlight reflecting off the ocean, turtle hatchlings have a clear direction of where to go. However, conventional lighting can disorient these young turtles, leading … Read More

A composite image showing two portable solar lights at construction sites.

Advantages of Portable Solar Lighting in Construction

In construction, efficiency and adaptability are critical. As contractors seek creative ways to illuminate their worksites, portable solar lighting solutions have emerged as the ideal tool. These convenient lighting systems offer a list of benefits, from the vast expanse of … Read More

The Role of Temporary Solar Lighting at Airports and Refineries

In the dynamic environments of airports and refineries, especially during night-time operations, the need for reliable and flexible lighting solutions is key. Temporary solar lighting offers versatility and is becoming the lighting solution of choice for nighttime construction. Incorporating solar … Read More