Solar Street Lights Illuminate Roberto Bustamante WWTP

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The Roberto Bustamante WWTP in El Paso, TX, is a state-of-the-art treatment facility designed to treat the wastewater of East and Southeast El Paso. The plant is tasked with delivering high-quality water to over 150,000+ residents, successfully surpassing compliance with state and federal standards. Dedicated to serving the local community, the treatment facility’s highly trained specialists treat and monitor water for safety, taste, odor, and appearance. Through a comprehensive filtration process, Bustamante WWTP maintains a professional and sustainable method of operation.

Bustamante WWTP Property Trespassing Problem

As of late, Bustamante WWTP noticed a significant rise in property trespassing. This increase in trespasser activity escalated to become a recurring event that posed a serious safety concern to staff and the unauthorized visitors themselves. This issue disrupted the plant’s nightly operations and caused the facility to begin searching for a wireless lighting solution that could deliver security lighting to dark areas throughout the property.

Solar Street Lights Illuminate and Protect Facilities

The treatment plant’s goal was to deter trespassers who entered the property after hours. Typically, most trespassers use facility grounds as a passage to enter the city after crossing the Mexican-American border. To increase perimeter security and safety on roadways, the treatment plant decided to implement solar street lights along its fenced perimeters.

Bustamante WWTP utilized solar street lighting due to the ease of installation and cost-saving benefits of a self-powered lighting solution. The plant worked with its local REXEL – El Paso distribution branch to find a high-quality and reliable off-grid lighting solution that could support its objective. By selecting SATELIS 75W, the plant avoided costly wiring and trenching that is standard with on-grid lighting. This time-saving solution allowed Longhorn Electrical to install the new solar area lights for the Bustamante WWTP quickly.

Solar Area Lighting Security and Perimeter Solution

SATELIS 75W exceeded performance expectations and delivered immediate results. For the water plant, using solar street lights maximized available project funds. These savings enabled the plant to address lighting at other critical access points, previously dark zones that compromised border security. SATELIS 75W solar pathway lights were also installed along streets to illuminate key roads used to transport equipment between facility buildings. These new additions enhanced roadway and street visibility for staff, allowing them to complete nightly routines safely.


In remote settings lacking access to grid power, off-grid lighting is an optimal solution. Using solar street lighting is a strategic investment that eliminates the high costs of running traditional lighting. By using solar street lights, projects are completed faster without compromising performance. Many of today’s projects also benefit by avoiding copper wire theft prevalent with on-grid lights. Thanks to the self-powered operation of solar lights, customers like Bustamante WWTP can reduce utility expenses and high electricity bills linked to on-grid lights that demand high energy consumption. To learn more about the benefits of solar street lights, contact a SOLTECH solar lighting specialist today.

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