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Solar Street Lights Illuminate Roberto Bustamante WWTP

The Roberto Bustamante WWTP in El Paso, TX, is a state-of-the-art treatment facility designed to treat the wastewater of East and Southeast El Paso. The plant is tasked with delivering high-quality water to over 150,000+ residents, successfully surpassing compliance with … Read More

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The Critical Role of Solar Solutions in Emergency Preparedness

Hurricane season is here! As many begin preparing, reliable emergency lighting and power solutions become critical. Solar-powered devices, such as solar pathway lights, solar street lights, solar light towers, and portable solar generators, offer invaluable benefits by ensuring continuous operation … Read More

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Enhancing Solar Lighting Efficiency: Strategies for Optimal Performance

Achieving optimal efficiency in solar lighting involves understanding several key factors, including charge efficiency, shaded environments, and fixture placement strategies. By considering the following, you can ensure a successful solar lighting installation that delivers reliable performance on a nightly basis. … Read More

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Teranomic-Urban Remedy’s Emeryville, CA – Pedestrian Bridge Walkway

About the Project Teranomic began working with the City of Emeryville, CA, to beautify and clean up a local pedestrian bridge. The location resides over the AMTRACK railroad track, and the project required off-grid lighting due to underground electrical being … Read More

Solar Lighting Possibilities: Exploring Commercial Solar Lights for Your Next Outdoor Lighting Project

Solar lights can create a world where functionality and sustainability meet innovation. If you’re planning your next outdoor lighting project, there are a number of ways to make use of eco-friendly commercial solar lights. 1) Garden and Pathway Lighting Transform … Read More

Solar Lighting for Pathways: How Solar Lighting is Changing Bike Path Illumination

In the quest for sustainable and cost-effective public infrastructure, solar lighting is proving to be the favorite for bike path lighting. This self-powered lighting technology is not just an environmentally conscious choice, but also a practical solution for reducing project … Read More

Why Solar Lights Work for HOAs and Communities

Why Solar Lights Work for HOAs and Communities

Picture pathways bathed in gentle, eco-friendly light and parking lots illuminated with energy-efficient brilliance. Commercial solar lighting brings a fresh perspective to illuminating our surroundings. For homeowner associations (HOAs) and communities, this means self-powered luminaires that make smart financial sense. … Read More

Solar Lighting for Parks, RV Mobile Home Parks, Recreation, and New Developments

Solar Lighting for Parks, RV Mobile Home Parks, Recreation, and New Developments

Step into a world where outdoor spaces come alive with the radiance of solar lighting. Here we explore the remarkable benefits and applications of solar lighting for parks, mobile home parks, RV parks, and new developments. From enhancing safety and … Read More