What are the Best Lights for Billboards and Signage? The Advantages of Outdoor Solar LED Lighting

A composite image showing examples of solar billboard lights.

In the advertising world, visibility is everything – and what better way to shine a spotlight on your message than with solar lighting for signs? This sustainable technology is illuminating billboards and ground signage across the globe, offering benefits for advertisers, installers, and the environment.

Convenient and Remote Illumination

Solar lights for signs are a game-changer for outdoor advertising, especially in remote locations where connecting to the power grid is impractical. These self-sufficient lights harness the sun’s power, providing consistent and reliable illumination without the need for complex wiring or proximity to electrical sources. The result is vibrant visibility for billboards and signage.

Fast and Easy Installation

The installation of solar lighting for signs is refreshingly straightforward. Without the need for trenching or extensive wiring, setup times are drastically reduced, saving contractors loads of time. This not only speeds up project completion but also translates to lower labor costs and minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. The smart all-in-one design of many solar lighting fixtures further simplifies the process, making them a quick and efficient solution for teams on tight schedules.

With smart lighting fixtures like BROADWAY, cabling is completely removed. This allows for a fast-mounting process that can be completed within minutes. After mounting to a surface, solar lights like these can be fully programmed by the press of a button.

Cost Savings and Smart Lighting

Commercial solar LEDs are not just a smart move, it’s a cost-effective strategy that keeps on giving. By eliminating the need for underground electrical infrastructure, businesses can save substantially on installation and long-term energy costs. Because solar lights are self-sufficient, little to no maintenance is required. The beauty of these lights is that they can also operate reliably, even in difficult environments. Certain solar billboard lights come preprogrammed to support peak-hour illumination while reserving a lower lighting output for desolate hours.

For outdoor and landscape lighting projects, FOCUS offers the best all-in-one lighting solution. Delivering reliable sign lighting for up to 2-3 nights, this light supports low-profile illumination that eliminates the headaches of permitting and running underground electrical.


As more people turn to solar sign lighting, the benefits are clear: from the striking clarity of illuminated signs to the cost savings and environmental stewardship, solar lighting stands as the future of outdoor advertising. To learn more about convenient outdoor lighting solutions for your project contact the SOLTECH team!

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