A Light For The Discerning Eye

Meticulously Crafted

Although we offer industry-leading performance, our industrial design, which focuses on a streamline integrated unit, was sculpted to not look out of place in any application. Given one day of full sun, our range delivers 7 nights of intense light at an unprecedented 200Lm/W. Even in low sun, our lights consistently deliver at this unmatched output. The function of our lineup does not compromise the form, it promotes it. Our elite battery tech allows for a shapely & streamline design, verified by our level 12 wind certification in slip-fit configuration. The Sunlike’s integrated shape, flowing wind-tunnel lines, and minimal design focus are part of what make it so versatile. Our 20 years of light manufacturing and LED lens magnification experience helps us optimize the projected beam pattern & efficiency for any type of use.

Lightweight design

The industry-leading performance of our lights allowed artists to have less engineering limits when drawing the first Sunlike concepts. Many similar lights are limited to certain specs requiring an impractical photo-voltaic surface area to compensate for weak battery performance. For them, function inhibits form because of limited tech. This makes many lights too bulky, strange-looking, and complex to install with many extra pieces. Sunlikes have a moderate surface area, and powerful, yet slim battery storage which combines seamlessly into a compact unit free of complex mounting hardware with excessive protrusions. The aerodynamic contour of  The Sunlike is able to withstand level 12 wind tests. Designers aimed for this certification from the beginning and kept styling cues consistent with this goal. For our lights, function contributed to an enticing form.

Versatile performance

Many other solar lights have roughly 40% less performance & chaotic visual language which does not harmonize the overall design as a balance of practicality, aesthetics, and performance. Because Soltech recognizes these delicate, and often competing design focuses, our Sunlike began as an effort to optimize to challenging areas of design so as to be widely applicable. From homeowners to business executives, Sunlikes match anyone. Soltech LLC brings two decades of lighting manufacturing experience to the table. Over this time, we have refined not only the technical and visual design of lights but also the design of the beam of projected light. LED strip lenses tailored to the size of the light to enhance the distribution, efficiency, and beam design. This is an additional factor Sunlikes are built around. Many other lights may have two circular led groups, which creates circular light patterns on the floor which overlap in the middle. This less efficient, less elegant light pattern is avoided by our light magnification lenses and general design. With an emphasis on a balanced and timeless composition which is supported by superior performance and manufacturing prowess, we have created the ultimate solar light currently available.

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