6th Grader Easily Installs Off-Grid Sunlike Solar Lights

The On-Grid Hassle

The standard process of installation for grid-connected streetlights can include a variety of tools, methods, and materials. Across the various methods used, grid-connected street lighting has common practices. Digging trenching to run power, sourcing conduit, finding wiring to run, making sure the wiring is correct at the junction boxes, installing connectors & fuses, and finally, sending cable up the pole. These practices are consistent across grid-connected lighting, and only represent the final part of the process. There is also a significant amount of work that goes into getting permits, charting out wiring diagrams, sourcing all the electrical inventory, hiring certified electricians who can perform the work, plotting the field, and navigating the project management process throughout the course of electrical connection to the grid.

The Alternative

All of this is highly labor intensive, time intensive, and requires a certain degree of unnecessary hassle when compared to off-grid solar street lights. On average, streetlights cost roughly $7,000 per pole from start to finish (REF A). A sizeable amount of this cost can be attributed to connecting to the grid. A less commonly considered cost of grid-connected lights is the time it takes to design the electrical plans, apply for the permits, wait for the permits clear, and handle the technical electrician-oriented details of the project. While the average for grid-connected lights is roughly $7,000, Soltech’s Solar Streetlights can light up roadways for thousands less, & can be installed by any general contractor rather than certified electricians. Easy direct burial or anchor base installation of the pole can finish the job in a fraction of the time. We specialize in crafting municipal-grade streetlights that are an all-around smarter alternative to standard grid-connected lighting.

The Install

Our solar range makes sure you’ll never spend another dollar on electricity for outdoor lighting. Advancements in our technology have also made Soltech’s streetlights able to eliminate the majority of the hassle traditional installation would take. As part of our solar outreach education program, we invited a local student to learn more about our solar lights. He demonstrated that a 6th-grader can install them quickly and easily. He balanced the fixture on his shoulder to press the base of the light against the pole and attach the mounting hardware connecting the back of the pole to the light. After he lined it all up, he put two bolts through, tightened them, and activated the light. The whole process took less than 10 minutes. Simple. Smart. Green. Soltech Solar Lighting.

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8W Sunlike 6th Grader Install
A specialized wrench secures anti-theft bolts into a nut which fixes against the light for wrench-free tightening
Checking the 40 degrees of mounting rotation range
Two wrenches secure the final bolts. Anti-theft bolts come standard for this step as well (not pictured)
Simulating night by covering the sensor on the panel
Off-Grid Illumination!
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