Different Types of On-Grid LED Lights by Soltech Lighting Discussed

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With over two decades of lighting manufacturing, SOLTECH is a proven leader in delivering advanced lighting. With a long history in innovation, we bring our expertise to General LED lighting.

Our company provides a broad range of LED lighting solutions, which includes various popular on-grid lighting solutions. These lighting solutions have gained immense popularity over the years and have become an integral part of a commercial, industrial, and residential lighting set up. This post introduces you to different popular on-grid lighting solutions provided by SOLTECH Lighting.

Get Introduced to Popular On-Grid LED Light Solutions Provided by SOLTECH Lighting
Different Types of On-Grid LED Lights by Soltech Lighting Discussed

Being at the forefront of LED lighting revolution for more than 20 years, SOLTECH has developed several energy-efficient and smart lighting solutions. The following are a few popular on-grid lighting solutions that stand out owing to their capabilities.

  • High Bay Lights: These lights are used to illuminate high ceilings. High bay lights are also known as UFO high bay lights because their design resembles UFO objects. Soltech Lighting provides high bay lights that are 30% cheaper than lights of similar capabilities and brightness found in the market. Backed with a 5-years warranty, these UL and DLC certified high bay lights are equipped with efficient LED chips and powder coated/waterproof die-cast aluminum frame. You can choose from the following types of high bay lights:
    • HBN: These lights are competitively priced and designed for easy installation and replacement. HBN lights are suited for residential applications.
    • HBI: These lights food-industry NSF certified and are more suited for commercial applications like exhibition halls, greenhouses, department stores, grocery stores, and so on.
    • HBM: These are one of the most popular and versatile high bay on-grid solar LED lights available in the market. They can be easily configured with an emergency backup battery.
  • Area Lights: As the name suggests, these lights are used to illuminate large common areas. Owing to their versatile design, you can use them as floodlights or pole lights. When used as flood lights, they are used to light up architecture, sports ground, plaza, garden, billboard, bridge, tunnel, and highway. They are used as pole lights for illuminating plaza, airport and train station, dock, parking lot, road, highway, stadium, and so on. These area lights stand out owing to their aesthetic and slim shape and excellent lumen efficiency. They are provided in three variants – Area Light FLK, Area Light FLF, and Area Light FLQ.
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  • Wall Pack Lights: These are a type of outdoor lights that are used on the outer walls of a building to light up the areas frequented by pedestrians and vehicles. SOLTECH provides wall pack lights that are perfect for corridors, exterior walls, aisles, and so on. These lights feature sleek and aesthetically appealing designs with optimized cooling capabilities. This specialized design helps improve its efficiency. Its outer shell is compatible with any sensor retrofit or wall pack LED. SOLTECH offers these lights in different wattages to meet your application requirements.
  • Canopy Lights: SOLTECH’s canopy lights are designed keeping the illumination requirements of high traffic pedestrian areas in mind. These lights can be flush mounted on to the wall or a ceiling and they produce streamline, yet hidden look. SOLTECH regularly provides canopy lights for illuminating petrol and gas stations, corridors, highway stops, and aisles. These lights have an ultra-thin design and are highly energy efficient. You can choose from Canopy CLD, CLF, and CLE lights, which are the popular variants offered in different wattages and lumens.
  • Street Lights: These are one of the most popular forms of outdoor lighting solutions of all LED lighting solutions described here. SOLTECH provides streetlights with industry-leading smart optical control technology, which helps users adjust the level of illumination perfectly. Owing to its immense energy-saving and illumination capabilities, these streetlights are largely used for illuminating roadways, general sites, streets, loading docks, and parking areas.
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SOLTECH, through its in-house engineering, research, and development, has successfully been deploying both sustainable solar lighting and on-grid lighting to our clients across industries. The company promises to stay at the forefront of the solar LED lighting industry while providing cares around multiple application scenarios. In case, you are looking for on-grid LED lights for your application, you can get in touch with our SOLTECH team with your requirements.

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