Finding the Right Light

With Soltech’s one stop solution guide to all your lighting needs, why go anywhere else?

Which Light Should I Get?

With Soltech’s wide variety of lights in stock, it may be difficult to know which light you should get for your job. But don’t fear! Here is a guide to help with your decision. The graphic above provides you with a easy way to find your lighting needs without all the confusing terminology. And for more details check out the paragraphs below or check out our individual products in our “Products” page for more specifications. Let us help you find your right light!

Smart+Efficient On-Grid LEDs

Compatible with sensors that can reduce energy use by up to 80%, our competitive Wallpack, High Bay, and Flood lights are backed by over 20 years of manufacturing experience.

Heavy-Duty Off-Grid LEDs

Premium 200Lm/W industry-leading lights capable of resisting overcast weather & illuminating from tall poles. With greater panel surface area and a robust design, these ranges are great for municipal installations. The Satelis and Cegonia ranges can last for up to 7 nights off-grid given just one day of sun.

Gold Standard Off-Grid LEDs

Versatile, modular, and accessible. Featuring 200Lm/W LEDs and a streamline design, the brightness per dollar these lights offer is unmatched. The Sunlike range covers 8-50W. This spread combined with their Lm/$ value make Sunlike lights great for both high-volume & backyard installs. Sunlikes can last for 7 nights off-grid given one day of sun.

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