Low Temperature Map

When we think of different cities in America – we often think of the varying differences in size, culture, buildings. What Soltech looks at more importantly is the weather.

The weather decides really what kind of fixture would be best and ideal for you to use whether it be the most harshest climates from freezing below 0 temperatures or blistering heat in the desert.

Below is a regional chart we use for reference, although this chart is simplified you can get a sense of how we separate the areas.

This was for our Sunlike Standard and Pro:



The main reason we focus on this information is important because we need to be clear on what lights can be used in specific climates.

This goes for any solar panel – no solar panel within the most darkest consecutive days can gather enough sunlight, but we can at least adhere to the specifications of each light to make sure we give the best chances of illumination.




The chart above shows the US in it’s regional space of what is the coldest. This is a great gauge to see if you really need to choose between our Sunlike or our Sunlike PRO. Remember, these are just ideal suggestions but your region could vary.

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