Robust Solar Lighting

Be Prepared

Planning for a natural disaster is never a priority until after disaster strikes. Be prepared, choose Soltech Solar Lights. Completely off-grid, level 12 wind tested, & IP65 moisture resistant, they are perfectly acclimated to disaster, search and rescue, and emergency situations. Soltech solar powered external lights offer peace of mind to those concerned about lights that stand the tests of time and nature.

Elite Performance Means Safety

Our lights stay bright for 7 full nights given only 1 day of sun. This performance is unmatched in the industry and can help you stay safe when you can’t rely on the grid. Our Sunlike range is the answer to reliable, durable, and safe lighting when it is most needed. The integrated and compact Sunlike light reduces installation to one simple yet sturdy bolt. When weather forecasts look beyond extreme, Sunlike Lights can be taken down, stored, and then put back up with minimal effort. Some of our smaller Sunlike lights can even be installed by kids.

On The Road

The recent wildfires, the hurricanes, and turbulent weather within the context of the climate crisis may lead to questions of preparedness for catastrophes. Soltech lights can be a great option for renewable energy freeway lightning, but we also have portable lighting solutions that can be carried by anyone. Our textbook-sized 8 Watt Sunlike can be carried on the road with ease. During evacuation procedures, camp-style living may be the only option for many people. The smallest of our Sunlikes can be indispensable in these situations as a personal walking light, a camping area light, or even a security light. During floods or heavy rains, this small light can also be just as necessary to survival. All of our lights are IP 65 rated, the international standard for water resistance. Even if there is a serious downpour or muddy conditions, the power-coated finish and water resistant outer seal of the lights defend against moisture, while the energy dense battery pack stores enough of the sun to provide light for seven full nights.

After The Storm

When it’s time to rebuild, choosing the right illumination plan for the future is a big decision. Especially after a natural disaster, new factors are often taken into consideration. Exposed electrical lines, power outages, and durability can now be more important to those impacted. The off-grid feature of our lights addresses concerns about losing light during a power outage, especially when it is most needed. Because they are off-grid they are also less expensive to install, which makes for a lower total cost. Knowing this, while also factoring in the elimination of electrical bills that our lights guarantee, all comes together into a high quality yet economical solution to lighting needs. Soltech Solar Lights are simpler, smarter, and more cost effective. There is already plenty to worry about during a natural disaster, plan for the worst, go for the best. Soltech Smart Solar Lighting.





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