Remote Control Button Guide

Simple All-in-One Design

Our remote controller allows you to have easy access to all your Soltech lights without any hassle. Here is a guide explaining the functions of each button. Our remote control comes with four different functions for our lights which are broken down into these different categories: Motion Sensor Modes, Night Owl/Early Bird Mode, Constant Modes, and Timer Modes. Each function is made for a specific purpose depending on your current need.

Motion Sensor Modes (40%-100% & 20%-80%)

The Motion Sensor Modes are the first two buttons below the ON/OFF and Connect/Test button. They are the first function you will meet. The motion sensor mode was designed to provide light when any kind of motion is detected while also keeping the light dimly lit when motion is not detected. This is an excellent solution to save on energy use for your lights in places that may have lower foot traffic. The Motion Sensor Modes are broken down into two different buttons. One provides you with a starting output of 40% when there is no motion and increasing to 100% with motion. The other provides you with a starting output of 20% when there is no motion and increasing to 80% with motion.

Night Owl & Early Bird Mode

The Night Owl (Left Button) and Early Bird Mode (Right Button) will be the next two buttons you will see and they have a more specific function for a more specific need. This function is used throughout the night to the morning adjusting it’s output depending on the amount of natural light currently surrounding your light. The Night Owl Mode will start your light output at 70% and increase it to 100% for a couple hours but gradually decrease it after until it reaches 20%, maintaining it at this level for the rest of the night until morning. The Early Bird Mode is similar to the Night Owl Mode in that it starts at 70% and increases to 100% and also gradually decreases to 20% however, on the last hour of night, it increases it’s output back to 100%. This was made specifically for those who like to wake up earlier and need some kind of light.

Constant Mode (100%, 70%, 40%)

The next three buttons on the remote with the percentages represent the Constant Mode function. This function is exactly what the title suggest. Depending on which of the three buttons you choose, the light will stay on at the output until you cancel the function or change the mode. This can be useful in areas that have consistent foot traffic throughout the night and need the area to always be lit.

Time Mode (Disabled, 4 Hours, 8 Hours)

The last three buttons on the control are for the Timer Mode function. They have two buttons that are the main function and one for disabling those two functions. The Timer Disabled is used to disable the other two when you don’t need them anymore. The other two buttons are for different length of times. One is for four hours and the other is for eight. The Timer Modes are useful for situations where you do not need the light on for the entire night. This mode will keep the light on for a certain period of time and will automatically turn off after that period of time.

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