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On a workday afternoon, we received a thank you letter from one of our clients…

thank you letter from client

In July 2021, AK Electrical came to SOLTECH for a Buy American Act (BAA) compliant solar lighting solution at San Diego VA hospital. The whole project had a very short procurement and installation window. The client had to collect the solution package including photometric study, product spec sheet, quotation, and report to the government, and install the fixtures in a limited time window. The SOLTECH team took the project as the highest priority and provided excellent service to support our client from beginning to the end. The client was deeply impressed by the product and service and finally wrote a thank you letter.

Customized Lighting Design

At the early stage of the designing & planning process, our in-house lighting designer recommended the most efficient fixtures based on the site condition.

Designing & Planning process:

VA Hospital Designing & Planning Process
Original Site Plan

The whole project was going to illuminate the pedestrian walkway on the northern, western and southern side of the VA hospital by installing twenty BAA solar light fixtures on the exterior columns of the existing parking structure. The VA’s specification calls for a 4000 lumen output fixture with type 4 distribution and dusk till dawn capability. After checking the project location, SOLTECH recommended using CEGONIA BAA 20W for the entire project.

Our CEGONIA 20W has 4000 lumen output which is a great fit for the illuminance requirement, plus the artful two-piece design enables people to adjust the solar panel towards the sun while still maintaining 90% downward lighting distribution. After several iterations, the designer came up with the final layout as below.

VA Hospital Layout 2
VA Hospital Layout - Bird View
VA Hospital Layout
VA Hospital Layout - Label Mounting Height on Each Fixture

In the final version layout, we used CEGONIA BAA 20W to project the light downward and lit up the perimeter. We noticed that all three walls of the building have dynamically changing ground level and height. As a result, our in-house lighting designer adjusted and marked the height of each fixture, which guarantees accurate and even distribution of the whole area.

Eye-catching BAA Label on Package

SOLTECH understands the needs that our clients may want to make sure the whole package is BAA compliant. When shipping and delivering BAA products, SOLTECH will provide our exclusively designed BAA label on the outside package.

Contractors are constantly scrutinized on these projects for the materials to be BAA compliant. For the major components such as lighting to show up so prevalently identified on the packaging as BAA compliant is a much bigger deal than you may realize. Being able to unload pallets of lighting fixtures and have the Army Corp contracting officer be able to readily see markings that show the products we supply are compliant without having to dig through paperwork to prove it goes a long way in building a level of confidence with the installing contractor.

Responsive Sales Support

The client reached out to us because they found two fixtures broken during the shipping process. The fixtures were upside down on the PV panel with no support under the light emitter portion of the arm.

Our SOLTECH sales team received the damage report on August 3rd and responded quickly. Based on our warranty, we shipped out the new replacements by August 4th. At the end, our contractor received the replacements by the 10th and completed the entire installation.

SOLTECH is VA Hospital Expert

As an expert in VA hospital applications, SOLTECH has already provided advanced solutions to many VA hospitals such as Sacramento VA Hospital in CA, and Ocala VA Hospital in Florida. We have multiple solutions such as SUNLIKE BAA and CEGONIA BAA fixtures to meet specific requirements in the project.

At SOLTECH, our love for lighting problem solving is well-documented: it drives our culture, it’s how we build our teams, it’s the way we connect with our distributors and contractors. And it turns out that our value for providing the best product and service might be even more relevant in an industry where responsibilities are ever more necessary.

Stay tuned for more deep dives on SOLTECH business success stories. We’ll share insights from past projects, case studies, market trends, and others across the industry. 

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