Soltech Solar Motion Sensor Lighting Explained

Soltech’s solar range comes standard with advanced lighting controls. Adjustment of several variables optimizes lighting performance to your installation. Controls include:

•  Photocell sensors to automatically dim output at dawn or during ambient sunlight conditions
•  Motion sensors to increase/decrease light output depending on occupancy & traffic
•  Remote controls to program light strength, timing, and maximum off-grid autonomy modes

Discover more about our off-grid lighting controls-check out the slides below.

A remote & sensors come with all our solar lights to preserve energy, maximize autonomy, and provide more custom light options. Learn more about each range by clicking the photos below.


This streamline range uses 20%+ efficient solar cells, a 2,000+cycle battery, & 200 Lm/W LEDs for a versatile & high performance design


With 90% downward light distribution & 360 degrees of coverage, Cegonias are best for wide-open spaces like parking lots, yards, & fields


With up to 260Wp of solar, this range is best for heavy duty commercial or municipal applications requiring up to 45′ poles

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