Solar Panel Optimization

At SOLTECH we understand solar power in a battery pack won’t last forever, the off-grid solar system relies on stored daytime solar energy for autonomy.

By angling your solar panels properly you can boost power intake.

You’ll want to angle your solar panel at a tilt equal to the area’s latitude, you can increase the tilt 15 degrees in the winter or decrease 15 degrees in the summer.

Certainly, it can be difficult for end-users to consistently adjust the panel as the seasons change but from past experiences, we can help recommend a tilt that is right in between for best the solar panel angle.

Having the best angle will maximize annual energy production. For instance, if you live in the Bay Area of Northern California, the home of SOLTECH (37°48’15.984″N), setting your panel at a 40-degree angle will make for maximum energy consumption



Above is a chart that reflects the suggested panel optimization

As logic would dictate, Every renewable technology needs an energy source. Any solar power systems, well, need lots of sunlight!

If you wish bring off-grid solar system into the human-friendly zone locations like City Pedestrian paths, Parks, and Campus Areas, you should choose your off-grid solar light solution carefully.

This is why Height is also important when trying to figure out where to place your Solar Fixture.



Definitely you can quickly tell in the Summer you get the most energy and in the Winter you get the least.

So you can imagine how important it is to get thoughtful design off-grid solar lighting system, which can offer you the flexibility to be adaptive for different locations and weather, as you can adjust the lights in earth.

At SOLTECH, we aim for that flexibility. And that’s what matters.



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