SOLTECH Announces The First UL 8801-Listed ALL-IN-ONE Solar Luminaires

First UL 8801-Listed Solar Luminaires

SOLTECH aims to lead the solar lighting industry and there is no doubt that SOLTECH has become the pioneer in providing certified solar lighting solutions.

The First UL 8801-Listed Solar Luminaires

In the morning of August 4th, 2021, SOLTECH successfully passed all the tests and won the UL 8801 certificate of solar street light system. After six months of product testing in three different UL labs across regions, our SUNLIKE series products were certified as the first UL 8801-listed solar luminaires globally.

Off-grid solar light fixtures have been available in the Northern American lighting market for over 20 years, with manufacturers combining photovoltaic cells, batteries, control gear, and LED components into a luminaire. However, until today, manufacturers could only claim that all their components are UL listed. While this is an important start, it doesn’t verify the safety of the interaction between the UL-listed components.

SOLTECH approached UL requesting a safety listing for a complete off-grid solar luminaire. As a leading safety standard and certification body, UL investigated the potential hazards and risks of the interaction between solar luminaire components, especially between the battery and photovoltaic controller, and how to ensure thermal runaway in the batteries is prevented. 

Based on this research, UL published the first issue of UL 8801, Outline of Investigation for commercial grade Photovoltaic-Powered Luminaire Systems. SOLTECH was one of the first manufacturers that contributed input to the UL 8801 Outline of Investigation, for the U.S. and Canadian markets.  

SUNLIKE Series Off-grid Solar Lights

SUNLIKE solar light fixtures are fully integrated LED solar area lights. They are designed for commercial applications, in different lumen outputs, up to 9000 lumens. SUNLIKE provides superior quality light over a greater area. The integrated solar array, battery, and LED fixture simplifies mounting, for fast and easy installation. SUNLIKE fixtures eliminate trenching, cabling, and electricity costs.  They are featured by:

  • Adjustable angle for the fixture head allows maximum solar collection and self-cleaning of the solar panel surface
  • Grade A LifePO4 Battery Pack, 2000+ full charging cycles
  • Designed for round pole, square pole and wall pack applications
  • >200lm/W: Highest efficiency in the industry
Report by Industry Leader - Inside Lighting Magazine

SOLTECH was reported by the industry-leading magazine Inside Lighting for that great milestone. The newsletter described the big achievement and quoted CEO’s thoughts from the interview:

 “We are proud to have worked with UL for several years, inspiring their creation of the UL 8801 Outline of Investigation, for solar luminaires.”

To read more interview detail and UL-listed product information, please read the full article:

Inside Lighting Report

To Our Customer

At SOLTECH, our love for lighting problem solving is well-documented: it drives our culture, it’s how we build our teams, it’s the way we connect with our distributors and contractors. And it turns out that our value for providing the best product and service might be even more relevant in an industry where responsibilities are ever more necessary.

Stay tuned for more deep dives on SOLTECH business success stories. We’ll share insights from past projects, case studies, market trends, and others across the industry. 

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