TWINKO: Category Winner in 2021 EC&M Product of the Year!


TWINKO: Category Winner of Construction Equipment Category

Each year, EC&M‘s independent judges evaluate hundreds of electrical products submitted to their competition portal. After careful evaluation of products from electrical professionals in the engineering, contracting, and facility maintenance industries, the judges, announce the winners into several categories.

As a leading solar commercial LED lighting manufacturer, SOLTECH has integrated its solar lighting solutions with construction equipment to revolutionize the whole industry. In April, our mobile solar light tower TWINKO became the 2021 EC&M Product of the Year category winner of the Construction Equipment category.

Category Winner: Construction Equipment
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For temporary construction sites, there is nothing more important than the lighting on the site. A construction light ensures the efficiency of the operation and, most importantly, people’s safety. 

Though lighting is pivotal for a safe and successful site, this equipment category can be one of the most complicated and unique solutions to acquire in the lighting industry.

First off, the light has to be portable. Compared to regular lights mounted on poles and walls, construction lights must travel from one site to another. In addition to that, the light must have excellent performance, a high lumen output, and reliable operating features so that there are no glares or shadows that affect the site and improve safety.

TWINKO is ideal for any sites that may require temporary lighting

TWINKO won the award for its excellent performance and versatile design for temporary lighting. At 16 feet high, TWINKO distributes a wide illumination pattern that is ideal for parking lots, construction sites, mining camps, events, roadwork, and more. With the forklift pockets on its base, TWINKO is your perfect option for any sites that may require temporary lighting for vehicle parking, sign notice, pedestrian walking, and so forth. The main features are listed below: 

TWINKO is easy to deploy and transport

TWINKO has 1m x 1m (40″ x 40″) forklift pockets on its base, making it easy to carry. The TWINKO also has four stabilizing legs to hold the fixture in place for extra stability.

Designed for a single or dual head installation, TWINKO can hold two SUNLIKE 20 or one SUNLIKE 30W/30W PRO. The entire tower with the fixtures is easy to assemble and transport. 

TWINKO is clean, quiet and eco-friendly

TWINKO has no generator emissions or exhaust. It is a natural alternative to diesel or electric grid-powered light towers.

TWINKO provides great illuminance with premium battery

A vital feature of a mobile light tower is its life span. The longer a unit runs for general light towers, the more frequent the worker has to recharge the product. For solar towers, this is not an issue. Our solar tower has a 150AH, 1500W integrated gel battery that ensures 120 life cycles of raising and lowering the mast. A full charge can last an entire month.

For more details about our mobile solar light tower, please visit the TWINKO product page.

SOLTECH Solar Lighting Product Line
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In addition to the TWINKO, SOLTECH supplies a wide variety of solar products that provide the best solutions for any application.

As a lighting specialist with 20 years of solar-dependent battery technology experience, intelligent programming, and high-quality LEDs, we work towards innovation and our customers’ feedback. We devote ourselves to an eco-friendly and highly sustainable lifestyle. Please feel free to visit our entire product line and contact us for your projects!  

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