Watching Your Waste!

Here at Soltech, we are mindful about our food consumption. During this time of rationing – we’d like to remind everyone that if you can’t finish your food, save it for later or even better, give it to folks who are in need. Aside from money donations, local food banks and shelters always take food can donations and volunteers. Make sure you keep your consumption to what you need and watch your waste!

Overall watching your waste does three things:

  • Doesn’t contribute to higher amounts of unnecessary trash
  • Helps others who need assistance
  • Brings communities together and keeps us all involved

So let’s be mindful of our waste, and in turn maybe our waist can stay a little bit more slim and happy!

Here are some useful links:

SF Food Bank – Donating Money

Compass Family Services – How to Volunteer

SF Food Bank – Volunteering Opportunities

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