Remote Control Button Guide

Simple All-in-One Design

Our remote controller gives you access to your Soltech Light. Here is a guide explaining the functions of each button on the remote. Each button is broken down into four different modes that help extend autonomy and conserve energy. They are, the Motion Sensor Modes, Night Owl/Early Bird Modes, Constant Modes, and Timer Modes. The buttons on the remote help adjust the light from your fixture to make sure you have the best lighting for your application in any location.

Motion Sensor Modes (40%-100% & 20%-80%)

The Motion Sensor Modes are the first two buttons below the ON/OFF and Connect/Test button. The motion sensor modes make your fixture shine light only when its needed. The light will stay at a constant dim setting until motion is detected that will then increase the fixture’s brightness. This solution will help you save energy in areas where there isn’t a lot of foot traffic.There are two Motion Sensor Mode options. One is the 40%-100% option with a starting output of 40% that will increase to 100% when motion is detected and the other is 20%-80% option with a starting output of 20% that will increase to 80% when motion is detected.

Night Owl & Early Bird Mode

The Night Owl mode (left button on remote) and Early Bird Mode (right button on remote) are dusk to dawn output options. As the sun begins to set, the Night Owl Mode will start your light output at 70% then increase to 100% and will then drop to a constant 20% for the rest of the night until dawn. Similarly, the Early Bird Mode starts at 70% then increases to 100% and then will drop to a constant 20% but will boost back up to 100% at dawn for early risers.

Constant Mode (100%, 70%, 40%)

The Constant Modes on the remote appear as percentages. Each percentage signifies the constant brightness you want to set your fixture to. The light will stay at that constant brightness until a different mode is chosen. These modes can be useful in areas that have consistent foot traffic throughout the night and need an area to always be lit.

Time Mode (Disabled, 4 Hours, 8 Hours)

The last three buttons on the remote are the Timer Modes. Two of those buttons activate a timer while the third disables it. One timer option is for four hours and the other is for eight. These timers will keep the light on for a certain period of time and then automatically turn off after that period of time has passed. The Timer disabled button disables the timer functions. The Timer Modes are ideal for applications that don’t require light throughout the whole night.

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