In early 2020, SOLTECH worked with a developer on the construction of a large government facility in Florida.

The developer of the project was interested in installing solar fixtures throughout the parking lots and wanted to invest in the best lighting solution. SOLTECH provided a couple of lighting proposals that compared the costs and benefits of solar off-grid versus conventional on-grid LED fixtures.



The project required more solar than on-grid LED fixtures to meet the property’s requested foot candles. After comparing the costs of both options, the developer was now saving 10% in total lighting costs by choosing the solar option, for the parking lot. (Table 1). The developer would benefit from financial incentives like tax credits (such as the ITC), cash rebates, or any solar financing that offered long-term returns.


This case study demonstrates that solar can be the most cost-effective option due to its initial rebates and ongoing payback, as well as low maintenance. Facility managers can save thousands of dollars on electricity and installation costs by going off-grid. The project proposal was approved by the developer, and moved forward into development.

EnergySage is a solar website that provides a list of incentives and rebates available to solar-powered system owners, by state.


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