Congrats! SOLTECH on ElectricalTrends News “Could Solar Lighting Light Up Interest?”

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Great news again! SOLTECH now is on ElectricalTrends news report “Could Solar Lighting Light Up Interest?” As the leading brand in solar lighting industry, SOLTECH aims to provide both environmentally friendly and energy efficiency products to our customers.

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Solar Lighting as Outdoor Lighting Alternative - It's About Time

The use of renewable energy sources is a much touted topic nowadays, and rightly so. We must be thankful for this abundant energy source and use it optimally. Thankfully solar plants are now being set up at various places across the globe, and solar energy is used to power LED lighting as well. 

There are tremendous benefits of using solar-based electrical appliances, such as reduced carbon footprint and energy efficiency. They are in fact quite a boon to the environment. Those benefits explain the increasing growing of the solar lighting industry: The global solar lighting market is projected to more than double to $10.8 Billion USD by 2024, up from $5.2 Billion USD in 2019, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.6%, according to the research firm Markets and Markets. 

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SOLTECH Brings You Strong ROI

Solar lights are ideal in places where running grid power is difficult. Solar lights avoid trenching, cabling, and electricity costs, providing a great ROI for these locations. In addition, there is a federal solar tax credit worth 26% of the system costs.

There are many state solar rebates and incentives, as well. Low maintenance for solar area lights can also improve the financial analysis. Some resulting ROIs for solar area lights versus grid-powered LED lights exceed 50%, with roughly a 2-year simple payback, including incentives. 

As much as it is important to eradicate myths surrounding the use solar LED lighting, it is also crucial to spread awareness about solar working and benefits, implement them in public places. You can set up a solar panel in your residential complex too and draw energy to light up your LEDs. However, ensure you source all the LED lights from a reliable manufacturer and supplier.

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SOLTECH Lighting is a lighting specialist with 20 years of experience in solar dependent batteries, intelligent programming, and high-quality LEDs. We offer solar and on-grid LED lighting solutions.

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