Impact of COVID-19 on the Solar LED Lighting Industry

Impact of COVID-19 on the Solar LED Lighting Industry

The outbreak of COVID-19 has severely impacted businesses worldwide. Today, more than 100 countries in the world are severely affected by the disease. With global governments imposing travel bans to limit human movement and suspending import or export of goods, the COVID-19 has had a destructive effect on the economy.

The solar energy industry has experienced significant growth over the last two decades as the world governments are encouraging users to adopt solar-powered devices. The solar LED outdoor lighting is one of the most popular segments in the solar energy industry. Although, this industry has also been impacted because of the pandemic, most players here are hopeful of a quick recovery. This post brings news on the impact of COVID-19 on solar LED lighting industry and top solar LED lighting solutions that are in demand.

Solar LED Lighting Industry During COVID-19 and Future
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The COVID-19 has impacted the world economy in three ways – by affecting the production and demand; by slowing down supply chain and causing market disruption; and by causing a financial impact on organizations. The following pointers will help you understand it better:

  • China is one of the leading providers of photovoltaic modules in the world. Currently, the solar industry imports 80% of its supplies from China. A report by Market Research Future suggests that the slowdown in their economic growth has affected the solar energy market globally.
  • Solar LED street lights use these PV modules for charging their batteries. The U.S. is one of the largest importers of PV modules from China. The COVID-19 outbreak in China has led to the shortage in the supply of solar PV modules in the US.
  • According to a survey by the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) conducted in May 2020, in the U.S., most solar LED lighting solution providers were operating in one or the other forms during the COVID-19 lockdown to meet the lighting demands. Of the total members who participated in the survey, 89% of members reported that they have fulfilled the demands of their customers during March and April, 2020 in different capacities.
  • About 69% of companies participating in the same survey, have reported the difficulties in obtaining raw materials for lighting solutions due to delayed deliveries and slowed production in China.
  • About 71% of the members who have participated in this survey have reported the recovery plans in place to retrieve their business.

Technavio, which has been closely monitoring the growth in the smart lighting market for more than a decade, has reported that the market is poised to grow by 16% between 2020 and 2024. Programmed solar LED lighting solutions are a key driver in the smart lighting market. As of now, the supply chain and manufacturing have been disrupted. Technavio reports that the demand for smart lighting solutions including solar LED lighting solutions has promising growth opportunities. The next section introduces you to give important solar LED lighting solutions that are in demand.

4 Popular Solar LED Lighting Solutions
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The solar LED lighting industry is mainly driven by outdoor lighting solutions. The following are a few popular solar LED lighting solutions in use today.

  1. Solar LED Street Lights: They are the raised light solutions that are used to illuminate streets and large outdoor areas. These lights comprise a solar panel, lighting fixture, rechargeable battery, and a pole. The battery is recharged by solar energy in the morning and it powers the LED lamp during the night.
  2. Solar LED Flood Lights: These lights have gained immense popularity in recent years as security lights. They can be used effectively in remote locations, too. They offer a clear view of areas and provide facial recognition from a distance of 30’.
  3. Solar LED Spotlights: These spotlights are fast replacing the powered spotlights. They are used to light up pathways, fence walls, tree bushes, and so on. Solar LED spotlights help users to eliminate the hassles of switches and cords.
  4. Solar LED Area Lights: One of the most versatile solar LED lighting solutions, these lights are used for illuminating grounds, plazas, highways, bridges, and so on.

If you are planning to invest in any of these types of lights, you must source them from trusted brands. SOLTECH Lighting is one of the leading providers of solar LED lighting solutions in the U.S. The company utilizes its research, technology, and vast knowledge of trends to develop energy-efficient solar LED lighting solutions. All the products offered by the company are 100% made in the US. The company has been serving its clients during the COVID-19 lockdown by following all safety guidelines laid down by the federal and state governments, and WHO and CDC.

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