Landscape, Pathway, and Sidewalk Solar Lighting Solution

Why Do We Need Proper Pedestrian Lighting?

Exterior lighting along trails, pathways, and bikeways needs established illumination because having appropriate lighting levels is crucial for ensuring the safety and security of the bikers and pedestrians who travel along those roads. In order to create a safe environment, lighting designers need to evaluate the surrounding area to make sure the design meets the safety and security requirements.

First of all, the pedestrian lighting need to generate enough illumination so that a person can detect road hazards. Creating a safe environment for the pedestrians provides them with safe navigation at nighttime, and avoids possible injuries like tripping from underlit sidewalk obstacles.


Secondly, a lighting design must provide security aspects, this focuses on protecting people, public spaces, and property from damage and potential threats. A securely illuminated pathway is defined as a person’s ability to perceive their surroundings and process any hazards; meaning that the lights must brighten all bodies on a road, including other pedestrians. The security aspect if especially significant so pedestrians can evaluate approaching people though analyzing their body conditions and potential threats like weapons they are carrying.

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One of the biggest challenges contractors are facing is trenching when it comes to landscape lighting project. It could be a lengthy pathway, trail, and sidewalk or a big open area with scattered lighting fixtures.

While On-grid lighting solutions requires trenching, expensive material, labor and pulling permit, all over a relatively long time/project.

However, with SOLTECH Landscape, Pathway, and Sidewalk Solar Lighting Solution, no trenching, wiring, or electricians are required. Moreover, there is no accruing electricity bill at all for the property owners.

SOLTECH currently have two pathway lights suitable for sidewalks, and trails.

MORAGA Installation 2

The MORAGA is a solar LED light with an angled solar panel and aesthetic design. It can be mounted to poles easily and provides bright, yet comfortable illumination downward.

bollard light

The SUNDIAL is also a solar LED bollard light, perfect for placing along sidewalks as a downward-casting light source. It features an omnidirectional automatic turning solar panel that follows the movement of the sun throughout the day to capture maximum sunlight. Both solar lamps provide excellent off-grid illumination that both meets the demands for safety and security that is critical for any public pathway, landscape, and sidewalks lighting designs.

When you choose SOLTECH, you receive the extra benefit of easy installation, no trenching, and minimal maintenance. This way, you can have both a safe and security lit path, but also minimal spendings to install and maintain these LED lights. Due to the solar aspect of SOLTECH’s pedestrian lights, all energy comes from the sun, which guarantees both green energy, and it avoids electricity bills on-grid lights face. Solar pedestrian lights can be applied to pathways and areas of all lengths and sizes, making it the best lighting fixtures for a safe and secure space.

Below is a cost comparison between the on-grid bollard style lighting versus our Sundial off-grid lighting solution on the same project with a pathway length of 5,200ft.

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