Our High Bay Line is a level above the rest!

When it comes to our High Bay Product line- Soltech relies on these design principles

  • Certifications for safety and energy efficiency 
  • Durability
  • Exceptional Cold/Hot Resistance and Reliability 

We need to be very careful about food and airborne illnesses. It’s important to research your product choice and certifications. Our High Bay line offers a high standard of products that are dependable and safe. The public health and safety organization, NSF, tests our products within its rubric for quality, sustainability, and performance. This assures our buyers that our products are not a hazardous threat and can provide the most efficient lighting. 

According to the NSF – our lights are certified to be

used in controlled environments such as pharmaceutical processing, biotech research, biosafety laboratories, surgical suites, clean room manufacturing, food processing and horticulture.

NSF P442: Controlled Environment Light Fixtures combines various test elements into one certification, demonstrating to customers and consulting engineers that P442 certified light fixtures meet the highest level of quality in the industry.

The test elements include:

  • Testing required by the standard NSF/ANSI 2: Food Equipment, which establishes minimum sanitation requirements for materials, design and construction
  • Testing to demonstrate an International Protection (IP) rating of 65 or higher, showing that the light fixture provides a high level of protection against the intrusion of dust and water
  • Unique pressure tests developed especially for NSF P442

Through our engineering and design,we have tested and proven our lights have a long life span. They provide up to 70,000 hours of light, that’s 10 years approximately!

Other important features:
-40°F 8 Hours Cold Start Testing Approved
129°F Hot Testing Approved
Integrated Design allows for no loose connections
Heat Sink Design up to 131°F functionality

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