Soltech Solar Lighting Battery Cell

Soltech Solar Lighting Battery Cell

With all our Soltech lights, there are 3 main parts, the fixture, the solar panel, and the battery cell.

Of all the parts in our solar lights, the batteries cost the most. Why?

They are high-grade LiFePO4 battery cells:

Which are the same ones found in the batteries of fully electric cars we see today.

The same battery that can be used to keep your car running can easily do the same by keeping our solar lights on. They are powerful and hold enough energy to keep your lights on for 7 nights on 1 day of sun and also can withstand harsh weather conditions like below freezing temperatures or storms. The battery lasts up to 2,000 recharge cycles which is more than enough to last your light 5 years of regular use.

You can’t buy our solar light battery cell on its own but knowing the importance the battery plays in the success of our lights will help give you confidence that these batteries are here to last.

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