Three Key Problems Flashing Beacon Traffic Light Solves

What is the Beacon Flashing Warning Light?
what is beacon flashing warning light

Beacon flashing warning lights are used widely in the roadway, traffic applications. It functions as an add-on on the road to provide extra support to the traffic and brings safety to pedestrians.

According to the U.S Department of Transportation definition, “a flashing beacon is a traffic signal with one or more signal sections that operates in a flashing mode. The lighting fixtures can provide traffic control when used as an intersection control beacon, or provide sign warning when used in other applications.

Why Flashing Beacon Has Different Colors
Why flashing beacon has different colors

Flashing beacon lights use different colors to indicate their various functions. The most commonly used colors for beacon lights include red, amber(yellow), blue, green and white. The red beacon often signals strong warnings about hazards or danger. Law enforcement or firefighting vehicles use red beacons as well, which implies to stop or move out of the way to safety.

Amber (Yellow) safety warning lights provide an all-purpose visual warning in multiple applications. The amber flashing beacon is used on machinery, buildings and vehicles to alert hazardous conditions. The flashing beacon can go on warning signs or perimeters of buildings to signal alert specific conditions that may impact people in the area. In applications such as traffic signs, the beacon lights are required to flash for 24 hours straight.

Benefits of SOLTECH's Solar Beacon Flashing Warning Light

SOLTECH designs and manufactures solar-powered flashing BEACON (traffic sign) lights that give advance warnings to drivers on the road or in shopping centers with its bright flashing LED lights. SOLTECH BEACON is ideal for multiple warning applications and low visibility areas where dangerous conditions or obstructions exist.

BEACON light

Compared with traditional beacon flashing lights, the SOLTECH BEACON has the following advantages:

  • High Intensity: SOLTECH BEACON has 60 led chips for the single head, 95 led chips for double heads, making it visible in both day & night. People can see the light from over 2500 ft, a great addition to high traffic area
  • Adjustable Flashing Pattern: 12 hrs per day or 24 hrs per day flashing, meet regulatory requirements
  • Solar, Solar, & Solar: Integrated with SOLTECH solar technology, no trenching, cabling, wiring required
  • High Reliability & Durability: ABS plastic shell Waterproof, IP65 Anti-UV PC, higher tolerance under sunlight exposure
Key Problems You Can Solve With SOLTECH BEACON

SOLTECH BEACON warning lights provide highly effective solutions across a range of applications: such as sharp curve signs, animal crossing signs, and new traffic pattern signs. With the BEACON, improving safety and increasing walkability is not a challenge to traffic engineers anymore.


As a problem solver, SOLTECH BEACON helps you to prevent:

  • Drivers from ignoring temporary advisory warnings 
  • Traffic signs with low visibility from causing safety issues and delays in response times: BEACON warns the vehicles of specific conditions (animal crossing, sharp curve, weather warning, school, etc).
  • Drivers are running stop signs through low-traffic areas: the 24-hours flashing BEACON raises awareness of stop signs, pedestrians, as well as driver caution

In general, Beacon lights provide road users a high intense warning in advance of the change in traffic area. It helps drivers slow down, alert them of change in traffic, reduces response time, property damage, and, most importantly, saves lives.

If you have more questions about solar LED light, please review the FAQ on our support page!


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