Why SOLTECH Portable Solar Light Towers

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Why SOLTECH Portable Solar Light Towers

There are many benefits to portable solar light towers the public may not be aware of:

Versatile; Mobile; Rapid Deployment Systems
After-hour field testing operations

Commonly used in after-hour field testing operations by military personnel, solar lighting towers illuminate remote work areas enabling staff to perform nightly duties safely.

DOT Solar Benefits–Visibility

Mobile and portable, solar lighting solutions offer high-quality LED illumination while offering expanded illumination coverage along with appropriate uniformity.

DOT Solar Benefits–Lower Cost
Lower Operational Cost

SOLTECH’S mobile light towers alleviate operational costs by drawing energy from a renewable source along with having quality builds that hold up over time.

DOT Solar Benefits–Security

SOLTECH mobile towers support adjustable heights to enhance visibility and security. DINO’s enhanced security option features CCTV cameras to monitor and provide area surveillance.

Main Applications

Military Base / Training Area Illumination

Portable solar lighting can be utilized by military training facilities to illuminate training grounds.

Construction Sites

As a rapid deployment system, solar lighting towers are compact by design offering a hassle-free setup, geared for quick deployment and on-site illumination.

Parking Lot Security / Surveillance

Mobile lighting solutions provide end-users with peace of mind ensuring safety and security in commercial and industrial settings.

SOLTECH Portable Mobile Tower
mobile solar lighting tower twinko

TWINKO provides versatile temporary lighting that is ideal for construction sites, natural disasters, and mining operations. The double heads can be assembled with SUNLIKE 20W/30W and SUNLIKE PRO 30W.

tempo mobile solar lighting tower

TEMPO provides versatile temporary lighting that is ideal for construction sites, natural disasters, and mining operations. 


DINO mobile solar light tower is ideal for a wide range of applications including construction, industrial, civil works, rental, monitoring, and government projects.


SCOUT mobile solar light tower is the ideal solution for temporary outdoor solar lighting. SCOUT light towers can be easily transported from location to location without trenching, cabling, electricity, or diesel fuel costs.

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