Why Use a Slip Fitter?

Slip Fitter vs. Trunnion

The Slip Fitter and the Trunnion are both important and well-known accessories for our lights here at Soltech, but what is the difference? They both may be used in similar manners but their results are different. Below is a guide to the impact of the Slip Fitter on light distribution of your Soltech lights (Using a SunLike 30W as the example).

The Slip Fitters advantage over the Trunnion is clear in the examples shown above. Using the Slip Fitter for future projects will provide for more solutions to your lighting projects and greater lighting coverage. The Trunnion creates for a denser light distribution, however the area of light is too close to the pole. This will create less area for light to be effectively be used. Order a Slip Fitter, and see the difference!

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