Billboard Lighting Design Guide

billboard lighting design guide

Billboard lighting is widely used in the outdoor lighting scenario. Every time when walking along the street or driving on the road, people tend to see a massive number of billboards or signs along the road. As a result, billboard light is essential as the sign should reach as better uniformity as possible so that people can recognize the content on the billboard in a short time and will not miss it.

Billboard Lighting Design Guide

The recommended lighting characteristics for billboard lighting is a minimum in-service illumination of 20 fc, and the uniformity as the ratio of average light level to minimum light level should be 4.0 or less. One point that is important to note is that, in the case of billboards, the IES guidelines are not legal requirements as they are used in other lighting applications. The IES recommendations for billboard lighting uniformity is considered as unrealistic data as only one of the tested technologies studies achieving the maximum to minimum light level ratio under 4.0.

The benefits of SOLTECH Solar Floodlights

In SOLTECH, you can always find the proper fixtures that can perfectly fit your scenarios. We offer multiple fixtures that feature different solar flood lighting scenarios. The FLUX, BROADWAY, FOCUS can be your great options for billboard lighting or sign lighting.


The uniformity on a sign or billboard is an essential metric for the lighting performance. If the certain parts of the billboard are too dark or too bright, the content on the board will not be able to render satisfactorily. SOLTECH took that point into consideration by optimizing the beam angle and tilt angle of the fixtures. We provide multiple fixtures to meet different requirements. Our BROADWAY is an all-in-one design fixture that can be mounted on top of the board. For larger size boards, we also have FLUX and COSMO so that the customer can mount the fixtures both on the top
and the bottom of the billboard.

In addition to uniformity, beam angle is another big part to be considered when creating a lighting design for billboards.

Multiple Mounting Options

Depending on the size and height of the billboard or sign, SOLTECH has three main mounting options for billboard lighting: top-mounted, bottom mounted, and ground mounted.

COSMO product picture

COSMO has a separate solar panel to collect energy from the sun. The solar panel also contains a sensor which activates the light when it is sufficiently dark. This unit comes with a remote control so that you can select your desired mode, brightness and timer options. After a full charge, this solar light can be activated in increments of 10% brightness for a full 12 hours.

Solar LED Billboard Lights

Affordable and user-friendly, BROADWAY lights are perfect for billboards illumination. It’s an all-in-one solution die-cast in aluminum, making it as easy to install as it is easy on the eyes.

Solar Signage Lights Focus 20W
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Solar signage lighting FOCUS has an all-in-one design and comes complete with a self-contained solar power assembly sized to run the specified solar light fixture. The fixtures will turn on at night, automatically, staying at 100% power for 4 hours (highest activity period) and then they dim down to 25%, for the rest of the night. Install FOCUS at businesses, stores, schools and community signs


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